Blizzard: We are not Milking Starcraft 2

Edge Online interviewed Blizzard PR Bob Colayco at Blizzcon. One of the questions aimed for a statement confirming if 2.0 would have some monthly fee for gameplay. It’s not been confirmed, nor is official at this point. Colayco said they are following the same philosophy model with World of Warcraft when it comes to varying business models in each region.

That was somewhat vague. Whatever happened with “yes” or “no” simple answers? What do you think? Paid subscription fee would be ok with you for multiplayer?  A Hellgate: London type of model with a free gameplay aspect, plus a paid subscription fee for extra bonuses? or a fee for tournaments only? I would vote for tournaments fee. After all the prizes go up to $50,000+. If they can pay that much for prizes, then its participants or the tournament committee could afford it. Share your comments.

Edge: There are also a couple other things floating around from Blizzcon. Paying for extra services on

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