Alexstrasza and Varimathras New Models

With the release yesterday of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beta patch 9014, Blizzard added a new model and texture for Alexstrasza (humanoid-form) at the Wyrmrest Temple; and Varimathras at the Royal Quarter in Undercity. If you completed the Battle For The Undercity (beta) you won’t be able to see Varimathras anymore due to the Phasing technology. You are flagged. If you have an alt-character that has not completed the event you will be able to see Varimathras.

I was told that all Dreadlords now have a new model, which means Mal’Ganis in Old Stratholme (Caverns of Time) may have been given a unique model/texture.

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