World of Warcraft: Thrall, Twilight of the Aspects ships today to a bookstore near you or online. The wait is over!!! Here are a few comments from fans who already read the book:

Nessy: “Got my copy earlier today, just finished it now. Easily the best warcraft book to date. I’d even say this is just a plain good fantasy novel in general.”

Exxile87: “I’m a little more than halfway through it. Holy @#$!. This isn’t just a good Warcraft book; it’s a good fantasy novel. I’m probably gonna finish it tonight.”

Aucald: “Twilight of the Aspects” is probably the best Warcraft-based novel I have read to date, and I pride myself on being able to say good things about most of them (even Knaak’s contributions).”

Last teaser to get your mood going. Grab a copy of one to surely be another New York Times Best Seller by Christie Golden. Order your copy of World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects while supplies last.

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Check out Teaser # 1 and some topics you will find in the book in our recent article.

Teaser # 2 here.
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