The Bastion of Twilight (25) raid dungeon was opened for nigh three hours to allow beta testers a shot at the first boss: Halfus Wyrmbreaker.


The trash mobs at the Bastion Antechamber require insane crowd control, especially the Twilight Crossfire (wyvern sting) and the Twilight Dark Mender (healer/dps mobs).

The first pull only has four mobs: two Shadow Knights and two Crossfire. After that first pull things get interesting. A stationary group composed of eight enemies: Twilight Soul Blade (x 2), Twilight Dark Mender (x 2), Twilight Crossfire (x2) and Twilight Shadow Knight (x 2).

No Enough mobs? The two patrols walking along the Antechamber are composed of the same variety except one extra Shadow Knight and an extra Dark Mender into the mix. That’s ten mobs.

Two groups patrol the length of the antechamber and require coordination and timing. No sap, sheep or hex. Otherwise the second patrol will path and aggro. These should be pulled into the zone-in tunnel, because there are defensive systems on each side of the room that will auto-attack from afar.

The following information is interpreted from the video’s combat log considering direct damage, blocked damage, and resisted, absorbed or overkill damage.

Twilight Soul Blade: These are the big orcs. They are immune to any type of crowd control. 7220 K health.

  • Melee Swing: 23576 – 37628 Physical damage.
  • Dark Pool: 2160 – 7200 Shadow damage while standing on Dark Pool (a dark purple void on the ground).
  • Soul Blade: Seems to be a weapon proc that causes 9000 Shadow damage.
  • Blade Barrier: unknown

Twilight Shadow Knight: 5424 K health.

  • Melee Swing: 14495 – 24164 Physical damage
  • Devastate: 9741 – 13916 Physical damage.
  • Sunder Armor: Stacks on player up to three times and can be refreshed by Devastate. Afterwards, the tank got hit by a 40587 melee swing.
  • Dismantle: No data. Doesn’t show any damage.
  • Shield Mastery: Unknown.

Twilight Dark Mender: Caster dps and healers. Must be crowd controlled immediately. 5424 K health and 178 K Mana.

  • Hungering Shadows: Affects five players with purple rays. No data.
  • Dark Mender: Heals the caster for 406823 health. Data shows the Dark Mender healed the Twilight Soul Blade for 577639 – 649843 health.

Twilight Crossfire: Dwarf hunters with wyvern stings. Crowd Control them asap. 5424 K health and 178 K mana.

  • Melee Swing: 17773 – 27984 Physical damage.
  • Wyvern Sting: 5760 – 6400 Nature damage.
  • Multi-Shot: 24404 – 47511 Physical damage.
  • Rapid Fire: Increase weapon damage speed.

After the three separate groups are taken care of, you must pull the groups of 10 High Elves on the sides of the room. These are named Twilight Phase-Twister. Don’t fight them in the open. Pull them to the tunnel too. Those radiant yellow orbs are actually defensive systems which shoot a beam at a single player within range causing over 15,000 damage a tick until the player dies or moves out of range. Once that group dies, the static orb disappears.

Twilight Phase-Twister

  • Melee Swing: 6860 – 13418 Physical damage.
  • Twist Phase: Afflicts a single target. No data shown in combat log.


This first boss is seriously going to require very well geared people. Even with so many pre-mades with gear item level 346, it was impossible to beat the boss before enrage. According to the raid leader’s calculations, every player should have 17.8 K DPS to beat the boss. Several players were beneath the 15 K mark.

There are a couple phases that need to be studied with beneficial elements which might help your raid considerably. From what I have heard, each week, a different set of drakes will be used in this fight by Halfus.

In my testing, I saw a nether scion and a group of orphaned emerald whelps. Both can be interacted with before aggroing the boss to guide you on what to do to benefit your raid.


Nether Scion: If one such as I can be captured by that lumbering oaf, then you must be brave indeed to venture here. If you can distract Halfus and break the chains binding me then I will fight alongside you. My ability to blind the eyes of an enemy will help you withstand Halfus’ Frenzied Assault.

  • Aura of Nether Blindness: Nether fog surrounds the dragon, imparing enemies’ vision and reducing their chance to hit, attack speed, and damage done by 15%.
  • Bind Will: Magical bonds force this dragon to obey Halfus.


Orphaned Emerald Whelp: We must avenge our mother! Distract the monster who slew her, free us from this cage, and we will fight by your side. OUr ability to reduce the damage an enemy inflicts will help you survive the Proto-Behemoth’s Scorching Breath.

  • Melee Swing: 30707 Physical damage
  • Atrophic Poison: Affects Proto-Behemoth lowering its Scorch Breath’s Fire damage output.


  • Fire Barrage: 17524 – 30217 Fire damage to all nearby players.
  • Scorching Breath: 2080 – 2600 Fire damage a tick.


  • Melee Swing: 14513 – 50701 Physical damage. (small numbers reflect damage taken by the tank after absorbing damage)