World of Warcraft: Thrall, Twilight of the Aspects hits bookstores on July 19. I finished reading the book, courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Gallery Books after several hours of intense reading. I can admit I was not expecting most of what transpired in this story by Christie Golden. Other things rumored and speculated might not be “completely” asserted.

Get this book only if these topics intrigue you enough:

  • Lurking thought: Thrall, Guardian of the Elements … Medivh, Guardian of Magic. Hmm …
  • Earthen Ring: Nobundo, Muln Earthfury, Rehgar Earthfury, Aggra
  • Conclusion of Malygos’ demise and the fate of his dragonflight
  • The Search for Nozdormu
  • Betrayals and Revelations
  • Thrall’s inner-demons and regrets revisited
  • Twilight’s Hammer
  • What was really Nefarian experimenting to achieve? Were all failures?
  • Infinite Dragonflight and their mysterious leader unraveled
  • All those COT dungeons were about erasing Thrall from the gameboard. Wonder why? Wonder … how would Azeroth be without Thrall?
  • Deathwing and the new Twilight Dragonflight 3.0
  • Grief and Mourning
  • The Hour of Twilight
  • Why does Deathwing fear Thrall? Why eventually Fandral disperses his soul in patch 4.2 to prevent the ritual?
  • What did Metzen mean about Thrall last BlizzCon? Hmm.

You won’t be able to drop this book until you are done. Charles Dickens would be proud of this book, and would no doubt play World of Warcraft to boot. Make sure to wake up very early in the morning to do your dailies, before picking this book. I was up till 5:00am. For a teaser, I prepared an image in Photoshop with some in-game screenshots to itch the back of your mind. The countdown begins. Four days. Pre-order your copy of World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects.

Metaphoric? Literal?