The Timeless Isle is full of different activities and rewards for different type of adventurers — whether casual or hardcore, solo or grouped.

If players are near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the first quest to grab before heading to the Timeless Isle is the quest titled Flash of the Bronze… which pops onscreen when you get near the Pandaria capital city. Or simply check your mailbox for a letter from Watcher Lara (Alliance) or Watcher Alundra (Horde)


Mogu Rune of Fate

Players can now buy Mogu Rune of Fate for 2500 Timeless Coin in the Timeless Isle. The Timeless Artifacts vendor NPC named Mistweaver Ai sells Mogu Rune of Fate, and it now stacks up to 20/20.

Blizzard seems to wish players to easily acquire Throne of Thunder, Oondasta and Nalak gear (with Mogu Rune of Fate) to quickly access the Siege of Orgrimmar raid dungeon.

The Timeless Coin is the currency used in the Timeless Isle. Obtaining Timeless Coin is ridiculously easy as there are so many sources to obtain them, such as Completing quests, killing mobs who can drop from two or seven Timeless Coins, chests and satchels, Glinting sand around the beaches. Other sources are sunk boats which have multiple Glinting sands. The favorite spot to collect Timeless Coins is the Cavern of the Lost Spirits. Upon entering the cave, go past the first group of Foreboding Flame. You will see in the mini-map a two-blade icon. Tomb “Tom” Bone Apart is a floating skull. Talk to him to access the Spirit World.

Tomb “Tom” Bone Apart: Alright. I need some help… I’m lookin’ for my body. It’s somewhere in this cave, but you can only see it if you’re in the spirit world. If you want to help me find it, let me know.

Be warned, though. The Timeless Spirits can kick us out of hte spirit world, and I don’t think I’m strong enough to get you back in there for a while if they do.

(I’m ready to enter the spirit world.)



Similar to the Shado-Pan Treasure run in the Thunder Isle, the Cavern of the Lost Spirits is a treasure run where you can see Spirit Chests after talking to Tomb “Tom” Bone. Click the Spirit Chests to loot over 20 Timeless Coins per chest. There are over 10 chests throughout the Cavern. Dodge the patrolling Timeless Spirit (mogu souls). Within my first 40 minutes in the isle I collected over 700 Timeless Coins.

Timeless Artifacts Vendor

The Timeless Artifacts vendor Mistweaver Ai sells the following items for Timeless Coins.