On the Domination Point, Horde players will find random daily quests in Krasarang Wilds. Like in Dread Wastes, these daily quests pop in random sub-zones.

The second day I played the PTR, Blood Guard Gro’tash gave me a daily quest titled “The Ruins of Ogudei”. He sends the player to Sparkrocket Outpost — hidden on a small peninsula near Lion’s Landing. This sub-zone has Horde players infiltrate the Alliance mining system which accidentally uncovered underground Mogu ruins.

Upon arrival to Sparkrocket Outpost, there are several daily quests mainly focusing players to accomplish a series of missions within the underground mining system, the underground ruins, and finally emerging from the entrance near Lion’s Landing.

Horde players access the bottom of the mining system through a portal located at Sparkrocket Outpost which leads three floors underground. The developers were nice to include maps for each floor. From left to right: Floor 3, Floor 2, Floor 1.

The Ruins of Ogudei

Blood Guard Gro’tash: Our scouts at Sparkrocket Outpost have reported some new activity near an area called the Ruins of Ogudei.

We need to gather intelligence on what it is the Alliance are doing, and more importantly what it is they found. We cannot afford to have any unknowns.

Meet up with Belloc Brightblade in Sparkrocket Outpost and find out what he knows.


Report to Belloc Brightblade in Sparkrocket Outpost.


Belloc Brightblade: We have a lot of work to do, (class). Who knows what has already been uncovered in Ogudei!


Taking Advantage

Belloc Brightblade: The fools in the Explorer’s League have excavated an ancient mogu ruin to the northeast. And – of course – in their bumbling, they ‘ve disturbed the mogu spirits within.

We are going to take advantage of their ineptitude. Take this portal and meet with Kaelis Sunsoar, my contact within the ruins.


Use the portal at Sparkrocket Outpost to meet with Kaelis Sunsoar at the Ruins of Ogudei in Krasarang Wilds.

Kaelis Sunsoar: Ah, yes. Good. Help from Belloc. He never does like to get his hands dirty.


The Spirit Trap

Kaelis Sunsoar: Within the ruins we have identified several powerful mogu artifacts. They trapped spirits within, probably to use them in some ritual or conjuration.

They are a type of device that we haven’t identified and desperately need to study – they may reveal more of the secrets of the mogu’s spirit binding techniques.

Go, find us a few samples so that we may continue a proper study.


Collect 3 Spirit Traps.

Kaelis Sunsoar: Have you brought the traps? Ahh, yes. Hmm. Hand that over. Carefully.


We’re Not Monsters!

Kaelis Sunsoar: The Reliquary may have had a bad name in the past, but we’re not monsters. We simply hold different views about archaeology than the Explorer’s League.

We do focus on performing acts of heroism from time to time. So go, liberate some of the pandaren slave spirits in the ruins.


Liberate 14 Troubled Slave Spirits.


Kaelis Sunsoar: Ah, good work. As much as it may seem trivial in comparison to our larger research goals, it is important that we maintain appearances, (name).


Legacy of Ogudei

Kaelis Sunsoar: The ruins which we are occupying were built by Ogudei – an ancient mogu ruler. We know little about who he was, though the rise of the spirits in this area seems to indicate that it was related to spirit binding.

When you destroy these spirits, a small amount of their essence will remain in this world. Bring it to us – we will analyze it and hopefully learn more about Ogudei’s history – and his power.


Collect 5 Ancient Mogu Spirit Essence.

Note: These come in teams of two. When in combat, they cast a binding spell on themselves. Focus on the Spiritbound Arcanist, and crowd control the melee Spiritbound Brutalizer as often as possible. Dodge and move away from the shadow missile. A whirlpool can be seen on the ground beneath you before the shadow missile falls on the ground.


Ogudei’s Lieutenants

Kaelis Sunsoar: There are two extremely powerful mogu spirits that the Alliance unearthed in their ineptitude.

These are choice targets for us, (class). If you kill them and collect each of their essences, we could make great progress on decoding the history of this strange ruin.


Collect Meng-do’s Essence and Gen-li’s Essence in the Ruins of Ogudei.


Kaelis Sunsoar: The essence isn’t going to make itself, (race).


Kaelis Sunsoar: What treasures! With any luck, the spirits will return and we will be able to sample their essence further.


Kick ’em While They’re Down

Kaelis Sunsoar: The Alliance may think they have a stranglehold on the ruins, given that their base of operations is close.

We’re going to disabuse them of that notion. Go take out some of their guards.


Kill 10 Lion’s Landing military units as well as the Lion’s Landing Guard Captain.


It is A Mystery

Kaelis Sunsoar: We have detected several … anomalies in these mines, of an arcane or spiritual nature. They are disrupting our attempts to discern the nature of the magic used in the spirit binding rituals here.

They are quite elusive, but we’ve managed to isolate the arcane signature of one of these anomalies, and one of our mages has enchanted this bauble with its signature.

Take the bauble. It will begin to glow more brightly as you approach the anomaly. Once you reach it, you can use the bauble to draw it out.


Use the Arcane Bauble to find an anomaly within the Ruins of Ogudei.


Kaelis Sunsoar: Ahh, yes. I received word from one of our researchers that they are no longer troubled by that anomaly. Well done.


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