Surgical Strike

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Zandalari spiritbinders perform sacrifices to their gods, the beastcallers bend innocent skyscreamers to their will, and the jaguar warriors venture closer to us by the day.

Dispose of these threats in Trolltonshire, (race), and watch the might of the trolls weaken.



Slay 3 Zandalari Spiritbinders, 3 Zandalari Beastcallers, and 3 Zandalari Jaguar Warriors.





Lady Jaina Proudmoore: With a few of their more threatening kin slain, perhaps the Zandalari will show reluctance next time they decide to trifle with us.


Trolltonshire can be one of the most annoying locations in the Isle of the Thunder King. It is very much crowded, and each type of troll has its own unique type of attacks. Not recommended to use AOE abilities in this area because there are neutral packs of anklebiters (tiny velociraptors) patrolling the place back and forth.

The Jaguar Warriors might sometimes patrol the area in stealth-mode. You might eventually bump into one while fighting another troll. I recommend to pull the Zandalari Spiritbinders into a tent or with your back against the wall. One of their abilities knocks the player back which might cause you to aggro large groups around the perimeter. The Zandalari Beastmasters will call down a Juvenile Skyscreamer. It’s best to kill the minion then the Zandalari Beastmaster. The Juvenile Skyscreamer grants a buff to its master.