World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 – The Thunder Isle Daily Quests: Subtle Encouragement

Subtle Encouragement

Archmage Modera: The saurok are vile, but we share an enemy: the mogu. And I’d rather send saurok to kill mogu than to send my own men.

We’ve been collecting mogu weaponry. Bury these polearms into the skulls of the saurok. Feed our enemies’ rivalry, and you may save Alliance lives.



Plant Mogu Weapons into the corpses of 9 Skumblade saurok.





A mogu weapon icon will appear onscreen above the spellbar when a saurok dies. Click the saurok corpse, then click the onscreen icon to plant the mogu weapon on the saurok corpse.


Archmage Modera: Masterfully done, (class).


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