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Few weeks ago, we posted the Prince Anduin Wrynn, Prisoner of the Horde videos. A very interesting questline as a follow up to the naval battle between Horde and Alliance fleets. This rescue team was sent after word reached King Varian the fleet escorting his son Anduin disappeared with the mists of uncharted territory.

In this SI:7 Report series, the team tracks down the whereabouts of Prince Anduin, following clues from previous quests where they find Anduin’s cloak, and other belongings along the way.

**Spoiler alert***

This time we have the Alliance version of this questline, which seems to happen after the Horde version. The Alliance survivors at Wayward Landing start a rescue mission to recover the white pawn at all costs.

Blizzard uses a roleplaying technique to tell the story. The player becomes the NPC and controls the gameplay based on what the onscreen text says the story happened. The storytelling is more immersive and dynamic this way.

The outcome of the storyline ends in an unexpected way. One that begins to shape a more mature and proactive Prince Anduin. We saw Anduin go proactive in the World of Warcraft: The Shattering, helping Bain Bloodhoof recover Thunderbluff from the Grimtotem’s coupe, but the Prince Anduin we see in Mists of Pandaria rocks.

Through the questline, Anduin learns of the Valley of Eternal Blossoms, and he decides to seek this location of legend not even the Pandaren in the Jade Forest know where it is located. Anduin wants to find this source of power for his people, but in order to take this mission — he must evade the SI:7 rescue team.

Such a brave boy! Look at Anduin using priest spells against his own men. Check out all the pages in this article for more 1080HD videos and transcripts.

SI:7 Report: Lost in the Woods

(Rell coughs heavily before speaking.)

Rell Nightwind: Please, (name). You need to hear what we’ve been through.

The whole damned Alliance needs to hear what we’ve been through. There may not be much time left.

Objectives: Listen to Rell’s report – 0/1.

[Rell’s report]

Rell: We had traveled through the forest for several (cough) hours. We stopped when we found a strange fallen tree.

    Rell: What do you suppose happened to this tree, Sully?

    Sully: Somethin’ hit it, sir. Wasn’t cut down, didn’t fall on its own.

    Little Lu (Jinyu): What’s that, over there? Some kinda bird?

    Sully: Naw, that’s a plane. Wait … A PLANE!? That’s Amber an’ Nimm’s plane! They might be alive after all! She’s still breathin’, sir! Get over here! Talk to ‘er!

    Little Lu: Who are Amber and Nimm? Should we follow him?

    Amber Kearnen: The … the monkeys … they attacked ….

    I fought them off, but … they’ll be back … with more …

    Rell Nightwind: You did well, Agent Kearnen. Now save your energy … we’ll fend them off.

    Listen up, men! Prepare for a hozen ambush!

    Little Lu, keep Amber alive! Sully, try and keep this plane from exploding on us! I’ll hold them off as long as I can! I readied my swords for battle.

    (Battle starts, and ends with the Hozu General Rik-Rik’s death)

    Rell Nightwind: Sully, Little Lu, our plans have changed. We need to transport Amber back to the main camp.


Rell Nightwind: “…and that’s (cough) how we found …

(Rell’s speech devolves into heavy coughing. The corner of his mouth produces a trickle of blood.)