World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 – The Thunder Isle Daily Quests: Manipulating the Saurok

Manipulating the Saurok

Lyalia: I have three magisters entrenched in Ihgaluk Crag, monitoring the saurok and where they can – turning them against the mogu. I need you to find them and see if they need any supplies or assistance.

They will be concealed from view. Look for shimmering columns of light within the saurok village.



Check in with Magister Yalis, Magistrix Sanal, and Magister Lyanis.


What players should be looking for is a wide-range pillar of light moving slowly. Check out this images:




Magister Yalis: I’ve been busy. A few of the Saur-Priests have been calling for Horde and Alliance blood. Naturally, I killed them in their sleep.

Magister Lyanis: The saurok leadership has called off their attacks on the mogu. They plan on attacking the Horde and Alliance instead. It may be time to intervene.




(The Archmage listens carefully to your report.)

Archmage Modera: I understand. Thank you for your aid, (class).


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