And Then There Were Goblins

Amber Kearnen (SI:7): We’re fighting a war on all fronts, (class). Even Pandaria itself needs our protection.

The Bilgewater goblins are destroying land that doesn’t belong to them. They must be stopped!

Report to Sky Admiral Rogers aboard the Skyfire. From her vantage point she should have a good idea of where their weak spots are.


Report to Sky Admiral Rogers aboard the Skyfire in Krasarang Wilds.


Note: The Skyfire is a gunship floating near the coast of Domination Point (The Horde stronghold in Krasarang Wilds).


Sky Admiral Rogers: It’s about time we dealt with this nuisance. Those Bilgewater runts need to be taught a lesson!


The Only Good Goblin …

Sky Admiral Rogers: The destruction in Krasarang is unforgivable, (class). The only way to put an end to this is to destroy the Bilgewater operation.

This is for the greater good of Pandaria and the Alliance. Go to Bilgewater Beach and cut them down! No doubt the Horde will come to their assistance.

Destroy them!


Kill 10 Bilgewater Goblins in and around Bilgewater Beach.


Sky Admiral Rogers: Excellent work, (class)! Eventually we will wipe the Horde from this continent.


It’s Only Right

Mishka (SI:7): This is barbaric warfare, (class)! We’ve lost so many trying to keep the Bilgewater operation from spreading any further.

Those fallen soldiers fought honorably and deserved to be given their last rights. At the very least we need to be able to notify their next of kin.

Perhaps you can collect their identification tags so we can honor them in some small way.


Note: You do not need to dismount to loot the Dog Tags. Click the Shieldwall Soldiers and fly to the next one.


Retrieve 7 Shieldwall Soldier Dog Tags from the Fallen Shieldwall Soldiers in and around Bilgewater Beach.


Two Step Program

Seraphine of the Winter: Shredmaster Packle is responsible for much of the devastation down there, (class).

Rumor has it he modified the shredders to work more quickly with less regard for the collateral damage they can inflict.

Imagine the agony the trees must endure being hacked at. It will be difficult to recover from this level of destruction.

The first step in any recovery is acknowledging the problem. Step two is eliminating that problem.


Destroy Shredmaster Packle in Quickchop’s Lumber Farm.


Shredmaster Packle: I didn’t get to be the Shredmaster by putting up with chumps like you!

(Shredmaster Packle dies.)

Shredmaster Packle: I was rusty …


Seraphine of the Winter: Excellent work, (name)! Now the forest can begin its regrowth process. From all death comes new life, and a new opportunity to protect it.


Burn Out!

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Those goblins are gettin’ out of hand! First they level the forest and set up that abomination of a rig. Then, they start dumpin’ their oil barrels into the bay!

We got to put a stop to this madness! At the very least we need ta set them back.

We need to take out their fuel supply! Maybe you’ll even get to kill a few goblins in the process!


Use the Unstable Explosive to destroy the Northeastern Fuel Tank. Northern Fuel Tank and the Northwestern Fuel Tank.


Northeastern Fuel Tank destroyed: 1/1 (near the Domination Point gate)

Northern Fuel Tank destroyed: 1/1 (by the jungle edge north of the Oregrind’s Dig.

Northwestern Fuel Tank destroyed: 1/1 (The three contiguous Fuel Tanks near the Oil rig)


Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Wish I could’ve been there to watch their fuel burn! Probably put on quite the show.

You’ve done well, (name)!


Dis-Assembly Required

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary (SI:7): Those shredders are becoming a problem down there, (class).

We’ve sent in the Mecha-Pounders, but it just isn’t enough. They’re getting damaged faster than we can repair ’em!

I happened upon this strange remote while scouting. With a little bit of re-configurin’ I think we can use it.

Try usin’ it on teh Jungle Shredders. Hopefully it will destroy them and then you can bring me the scrap metal.


Destroy the Jungle Shredders using the Re-Configured remote and then collect 6 pieces of Scrap Metal.


Note: Locate under the quest tracker the Re-Configured Remote icon or search for it in your inventory.

Re-Configured Remote: Use: Just point and click! (5 sec Cooldown) “Remnants of a warning sticker include the words: toxic and dangerous.”


Sully “The Pickle” McLeary (SI:7): So what did that remote do?

Goblin construction leaves somethin’ to be desired, but it’ll have to do. Good work, (name)!


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