Here’s an exploration video of Krasarang Wilds, accessible now in beta patch build 15640 (video available in 1080HD, 720HD). Krasarang Wilds has three entry points from the Valley of the Four Winds: on the east side of Krasarang Wilds, one can enter south of the Thunderfoot Fields. On the west side, one can enter west of the Nesingwary’s Safari. The third entrance is non-conventional. Somewhere south of The Grand Granary is a pandaren sitting down next to the edge of the high cliff of The Cliffs of Despair. Next to him is a rope the player uses to jump down into Krasarang Wilds — that’s next to the Dark Hollow Cave seen at the north-center of the Krasarang Wilds map.

Krasarang Wilds is like nothing I have seen in World of Warcraft so far. The only places I can somewhat compare it to is a mix of Teldrassil, Un’Goro and Quel’Thalas. Still it’s very unique with its big trees, flora and contrasting color hues.

Level 90 Fishing players might find the Anglers Wharf, near the southern isles, a welcome place. There are trainers and a supply vendor there. This is an intriguing group of anglers from different races: Human, Jinyu, Hozen, Goblin, Pandaren, and even a Tuskarr. They have quests (gray for level 87).

Not far from there is a Pandaren huts next to the shore. They are attacked by lizard men of the Riverblade tribe.

The first video explores Krasarang Wilds from the eastern entrance up to the center of the map, exploring the following locations:

  • Thunder Cleft
  • Dojani River
  • The Krasari Ruins
  • Zhu Province
  • Zhu’s Bastion
  • Krasarang Cove
  • The Deep Wild
  • Turtle Beach
  • The Incursion
  • Narsong Trench
  • Anglers Wharf
  • Ruins of Dojan
  • Pool of Youth

Something of note in Krasarang Wilds is the presence of Prince Anduin Wrynn at the Redwing Refuge. He’s friendly to Horde players.

He says: “Our people have their differences, (class), but we are all guests in this place. The pandaren have shown me great hospitality and respect, as I am sure you’ve also received, and now they need our help. The Horde is not without honor. If you know honor, you will know to save our quarrel for another time.”

I also found curious to find a Jinyu faction at Fallsong Village that’s friendly to the Horde.

These are the locations explored in the second video.

  • Krasari Falls
  • Krasarang River
  • Redwing Refuge
  • Temple of the Red Crane
  • Kea Krak (isle)
  • Nayeli Lagoon
  • Marista (Flightmaster here)
  • Unga Ingoo (isle)
  • Cradle of Chi-Ji
  • Pedestal of Hope
  • Dome Balrissa
  • Angkhal Pavilion
  • Dawnchaser Retreat (Horde fligtmaster)
  • Ruins of Korja
  • Forbidden Jungle
  • Shattered Convoy
  • Sentinel Basecamp (Alliance flightmaster)
  • Field of Korja
  • Fallsong Village (Jinyu)