Whispers of Doom – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Single Player Transcript

Whispers of Doom

Jim Raynor: Zeratul … what the hell have you gotten yourself into?

Zeratul: Friend Raynor … long has it been since we stood together against the Swarm. Since then I have wandered the Void in solitude – seeking an ancient prophecy rumored to foretell the return of the Xel’Naga.

My sojourn led me to a remote world known as Ulaan … where I discovered fragments of the prophecy. Yet I was not the first to find them.

It falls to you know, old friend … to relive my memories … and believe.


Main Objectives

  • Bring Zeratul to each Xel’Naga Shrine (0/3)
  • Zeratul must survive

    Bonus Objectives:

  • Destroy Zerg Hatcheries (0/3) (Research)


Zeratul: The prophecy was divided into fragments, each kept at separate shrines. I must gather them and depart this world quickly.

Zeratul: This chasm is vast. It is fortunate that I can phase through the shadows to the other side!

Zeratul: Spore crawlers can detect my presence! I should stun them with my void prison.

Zeratul: That spore crawler can detect me from across the chasm. It must be destroyed.

Zeratul: That overseer can see through my cloak. I’d best stun it with my void prison before crossing this chasm.

[Xel’Naga shrine 1/3]

Zeratul: The first fragment of the prophecy! Soon all will be made clear.


Kerrigan: Why not surrender yourself to oblivion, Zeratul? Wouldn’t it be better to end your struggle now than witness the final agonizing moments of your species?

Zeratul: The foreboding prophecy weighs heavily on my heart. I’d best reach the remaining shrines before she reconsiders letting me live.

Zeratul: So much for Kerrigan’s reprieve!

(Note: Several Mutalisks, Scourge and an Overseer fly above Zeratul. Four Protoss stalkers beam down)

Stalker (Daelaam Protoss): For Shakuras! Greetings, exalted one. We are here in the service of High Templar Karass. He is nearby.


Zeratul: Your presence is most welcome. Let us keep moving.

Stalker (Daelaam Protoss): Permit us to destroy their defenses before we proceed.

Zeratul: That patrol of brood lords must be dealt with cautiously or we will be torn asunder.

Zeratul: Prepare for an aerial attack. Brace yourselves my brethren!

Zeratul: The Queen of Blades built hatcheries here! She seeks to subvert this sacred world. I shall put an end to that plan.

[Xel’Naga shrine 2/3]

Zeratul: The second fragment of the prophecy! My task is nearly complete.


Kerrigan: Your hope is an illusion, old fool.

Zeratul: If you can so easily read my mind, Kerrigan – you’ll see that I’ll never give up so long as hope remains!

Zeratul: Careful now. Kerrigan has set guards to bar our way. It could be a trap. We should take them out carefully, one at a time, or risk being overwhelmed.

Zeratul: The banelings spew acid when they die. Stalkers, take them out from a distance!

Zeratul: This hatchery must be destroyed if I am to keep the Queen of Blades from subverting this land.

Zeratul: Spine crawlers! Kill them before they can take root and attack!

Stalker: High Templar Karass is nearby.

Karass: En Taro Tassadar, Prelate Zeratul! I am High Templar Karass. My force tracked the Queen of Blades to this world – yet we know not what she seeks.

Zeratul: Kerrigan and I were both drawn here to uncover an ancient prophecy. With your aid, I pray we can discover it before her.


Karass: It is an honor, great one! Lead on.

[Checkpoint Reached.]

Karass: Zeratul! Can you destroy the airborne zerg?

Zeratul: These nydus worms must be destroyed or the zerg reinforcements will overwhelm us! Stalkers! Take the high ground and support our brethren!

Karass: Zeratul has destroyed their worms — press on!

[Xel’Naga shrine 3/3]

Zeratul: The final piece of the prophecy. It speaks of one who shall “… break the cycle of the gods …”


Karass: Most ominous. But if the Queen of Blades seeks this prophecy, we must keep it from her.

Zeratul: The rest is obscured … what??

Kerrigan: You might peel away the prophecy’s layers, Zeratul – but you cannot outrun the doom that awaits us all!


Zeratul: We cannot prevail against so many!

Karass: I will stand against the Queen of Blades while you escape with the fragments!

Zeratul: I will not abandon you!

Karass: The prophecy is more important than either of us! Reveal its secrets, Zeratul! The future rests on it!

Zeratul: Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, Brother.

Zeratul: I must get to the Void Seeker before the zerg overwhelm me and the prophecy is lost!

(Void Seeker destroyed in: 2:00 minutes)

Karass: Now … I shall become one … with the khala.

Zeratul: I cannot decipher the fragments on my own. Yet I know who might interpret them: the Preservers of Zhakul. If they cannot … I fear this entire universe will burn.




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