A Sinister Turn – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Single Player Transcript


A Sinister Turn

Jim Raynor: Alright Zeratul, old buddy – you got your mysterious prophecy. Now let’s see what your Preservers made of it.


Zeratul: My quest to decipher the prophecy took me to the forbidden archive world of Zhakul.


Zeratul: Here, the three immortal Preservers guarded ancient knowledge. Only they could transcribe the prophetic fragments. I needed to seek them out quickly.


Mission Intro

Zeratul: It is strangely silent here, yet these structures are intact. With power they would be functional.

Main Objectives

  • Power-up the Abandoned Base (0/6)
  • Free the Preservers (0/3) – Research
  • Power-up Abandoned Structures (0/3) – Research


Zeratul: The mighty spirits of the preservers are imprisoned close by – we must find them.

Zeratul: There are many abandoned structures in this place that we can make use of. They merely need their power restored by the construction of a few well-placed pylons.


Zeratul: A Dark Shrine! Once power is restored it could be of great value to us.

Dark Templar: Zeratul! Truly fate has sent you here.

Zeratul: Join me, brothers, and we shall cleanse this place of evil.

Dark Templar: Command us!

Stalker: The Preservers you seek serve a higher power now, dark one.

Zeratul: Higher power? What could have corrupted these protoss so? Truly, something foul has taken hold of this sacred place.

Zeratul: A Robotics Facility! This structure may prove useful to us.

Immortal: I return to serve.

Zeratul: My thanks, mighty one.

Zeratul: This templar archive lies abandoned!

Hybrid Protoss: INTRUDERS …

Zeratul: A … protoss and zerg hybrid … Gods, an abomination! Who created this atrocity?


Hybrid Protoss: Come, my SLAVES. The time has come to give me your STRENGTH.

[Checkpoint Reached.]


High Templar: Our liberation is at hand!

Zeratul: Ready yourself, noble warrior. We confront a terrible evil this day.

Hybrid Protoss: This knowledge is FORBIDDEN.

Hybrid Protoss: I shall return.

Zeratul: The hybrid is draining the preservers to survive! I must free them before it is too late!

Hybrid Protoss: Your lives are FORFEIT. Surrender to DESPAIR.

Hybrid Protoss: Your doom is only delayed.

[Checkpoint Reached]

Zeratul: The spirits of the Preservers are entombed within! We must break them open immediately!

Hybrid Protoss: Your existence ENDS this day.

Hybrid Protoss: Merely a temporary setback.

Hybrid Protoss: Come, my SLAVES. The time has come to give me your STRENGTH.


Preserver: We have seen the prophetic fragments in your mind, Zeratul. We will make of them what we can. The Cycle shall draw to its end. The Xel’Naga who forged the stars will transcend their creation … Yet, the Fallen One shall remain … Destined to cover the Void in shadow … It begins with the Great Hungerer. It ends … in utter darkness.



Zeratul: A Great Hungerer … could it refer to the zerg Overmind? It has a part to play in this prophecy? I must seek out the Overmind’s final resting place. Our ancient homeworld … of Aiur.


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