The Prophecy – Cinematic

Zeratul: The zerg swarm came as was foretold. And the Protoss, first born of the gods, rose to fight them. Now, the Xel’Naga that forged us all, are returning. But do they come to save, or to destroy.

Kerrigan: (Laughter) I knew you’d find your way here … eventually.

Zeratul: Your very presence defiles this place, Kerrigan.

Kerrigan: Do you hear them, Zeratul? Whispering from the stars? The galaxy will burn with their coming.

Zeratul: Perhaps … But you won’t live to see it!

Kerrigan: Please … our petty conflicts mean nothing now. A storm is coming that cannot be stopped. Fitting, that we should face oblivion together.

Zeratul: Never!

Kerrigan: Fate cannot be changed. The end comes. And when it finds me … I shall embrace it at last.

(Note: Kerrigan retreats, leaving Zeratul alive.)

Zeratul: The prophecy is uncertain. There is always hope.


Available in 1080HD.