Thrall finds himself in an underground lair, held prisoner by the murlocs and separated from his companions.

Thrall: I wonder what these strange fish-creatures want with us?

Troll Headhunter: The murlocs used to be peaceful, but lately they been catchin’ us and usin’ us for sacrifices.

Thrall: Sacrifices? To what?

Troll Headhunter: A long time ago, they started worshipin’ some witch.  They say she lives under the ocean, and if they don’t make the sacrifices, she’ll destroy this island.

Thrall: Well, someone should have told them that orcs don’t scare that easily.  Now, let’s get out of here!

The Great Escape
– Rescue 10 Prisoners

Murlocs have captured several of your companions, as well as the native Trolls.  You must free the prisoners before making your way back to the surface.

NOTICE: Thrall’s Far Sight spell is not available for use in underground caverns.

HINT – Attack prison gates to destroy them and free prisoners.

Grunt: Trom-Ka, Warchief!

Troll Headhunter: Thanks ‘mon, I thought I’d be death for sure.

Footman: This is our chance! Let’s make a break for it.

Footman: Keep fighting them. We’re almost there!

Note: Various Human Expedition footmen and Dwarven Riflemen escape their prisons and clash against Murlocs. If you decide not to join the fight, the Murlocs overrun the Alliance survivors anyway. Just run past them, or get experience by attacking.

Grunt: I knew you’d find us warchief.

Along the way through the Underworld Caverns, Thrall finds Human corpses.

Thrall: This humans must have put up a fight. Too bad it wasn’t enough.

Shaman: I dedicate my power to the Horde!

Troll Headhunter: Hey, ‘chiefman.  It looks like there be a passageway here. Maybe we find a way out.

Thrall: Let’s see if we could break through this boulders.

Note: Nearing where the Murlocs have Sen’jin ready for sacrifice … Thrall rescues the last three prisoners.

Grunt: I believe we are no longer welcome in this place, warchief.

Grunt: Warchief, Sen’jin was just taken away by the fish-creatures!  I tried to stop them, but there were too many.  They said he is to be sacrificed to their witch!

Thrall: Then we have no time to lose!  Sen’jin must be freed!

Shaman: Warchief.  I sense a protective shield around the sorcerer.  I believe these three fish-creatures are helping maintain it.

Murloc Sorcerer: Pathetic fools!  You will not stop us from receiving what has been promised.

Note: The Murloc Sorcerer slashes his sword through Sen’jin offering this sacrifice to their witch goddess. Sen’jin drops to the ground.

Thrall: Sen’jin!

Murloc Sorcerer: Don’t despair.  You’ll soon be joining him!

The Ritual
– Kill the Murloc Sorcerer

You must kill the Murloc Sorcerer who holds Sen’jin captive.

Sen’jin: The vision told me you would lead my people off this island.

Note: The foundations of the cave start to quake.

Sen’jin: You don’t have much time, young one.  Go!

Thrall: But you and your people are coming with us!

Sen’jin: It be too late.  I’m already gone.

Thrall: Those of you who wish to follow me will face many dangers.  It will not be easy.  But if you wish to join us, you’re welcome.

Troll Headhunter: Yah, mon, pretty soon there be nothing left here anyway.  We come with you.

Sea Witch: Make peace with your gods, land-dwellers!  You cannot escape the currents of death so easily!

Grunt: Where is that voice coming from?

Thrall: I don’t know, but we have no time to waste.  This cave is about to collapse!