As Thrall and his companions set out for Kalimdor in their fleet of stolen ships they are beset in the open seas by a sudden, fierce storm.  To prevent the ships from taking a heavy pounding, Thrall orders the fleet to seek shelter in the cove of a nearby remote island.

Thrall: It was lucky we happened onto this cove.  I don’t think our ships would have held out much longer in that storm.

Grunt: Warchief, half of the ships are missing, and the rest are badly damaged.

Thrall: We had better get settled then.  We may be on this island for awhile.

Shaman: Warchief, I sense strange magic all around us.

Thrall: Hmmm …

Thrall waves his doomhammer to cast Far Sight, revealing the source of the Shaman’s concern: Troll Witchdoctor Sentry Wards.

Thrall: There is the source of your magic.  Someone is watching us.

Sen’jin: It is you! I saw your arrival in a vision!  Specially you … the Seer.  Or is it just my old mind playin’ tricks on me?

Thrall: Looks like this troll’s been on the island a little too long … We’re real enough, old one.  My name is Thrall.

Sen’jin: I be Sen’jin, leader of the trolls.  This island used to be ours alone, but no more.  You and your friends must be careful: the humans established an outpost on this island some time ago.

Thrall: Humans?

Sen’jin: Yes!  They hound us day and night!  Their patrols be all over the place.  It not be long ‘til they find you too!

Thrall: Well, I’d rather find them first!  We can’t risk their patrols alerting the outpost about us!  Lok-Tar, my brothers!  We’re moving out!

Sen’jin: Good luck, my friend!  I got important matters to tend to, but I be seein’ you soon.

Human Outpost
– Destroy the Human Outpost

The existence of a Human Outpost on the island poses an immediate threat to you and your warriors.  You must destroy the outpost before they can prepare a massive assault.

Troll: Hey, ‘mon. Sen’jin told me you would help us get rid of the Humans. You know, this fountain once healed whoever drank from it. But strange gases from under the ground befouled the water.  With a few ingredients, Sen’jin could make a purifying potion. Maybe you can help.

Defiled Fountain
– Obtain the Vine of Purification
– Obtain the Seed of Expulsion
– Return both items to the Fountain

The Fountain of Health once healed anyone who drank from it, but lately the water has become foul.  You must retrieve the Vine of Purification and the Seed of Expulsion and bring them back to the Fountain so Sen’jin can concoct a purifying potion.

Vine of Purification: Troll legends speak of the cleansing power derived from the berries that grow on this rare vine. (This Vine hums with energy)

Seed of Expulsion: Only the most gifted Witch Doctors possess the skills necessary to produce oil from this uncommon seed.  Once extracted, the oil is capable of expelling harmful properties.

Footman: Hey, it’s the orcs that stole the ships from mainland. Send the reinforcements.

Archmage Kelen the Seeker: Your insolence outstands me.  Your ignorant groups shall only succeed in dying.

Defiled Fountain

Sen’jin: Hello again, outlanders!  These ingredients be exactly what I need.  Now our warriors can heal themselves!  Let me give you a little something for your trouble.  These wards contain healing magic.  No doubt you’ll find them useful.

HINT – Raiders and Catapults are especially effective at destroying enemy buildings.

Archmage Kelen the Seeker: Your feeble attacks are fruitless. Why don’t you just give up?

Human Outpost

Thrall: For the Horde! Watch your backs!  This battle’s not over yet!

Murlocs came from the sea throwing nets at the Kul’Tiras Marines, the Horde and the Darkspear Trolls.

Headhunter: The fish-creatures have come to take us away!

Murloc Sorcerer: Your meddling magics will no longer interfere with our plans, land-dweller.

– Horde
– Island Trolls
– Kul’Tiras Marines
– Underworld Minions