Early the next morning at Arthas’ new base camp.

Arthas: We’ll need more men to fight our way through the undead.

Muradin Bronzebeard: I’ve come across a few mercenary camps up here.  Perhaps we can hire a few of them?

Arthas: Damn Uther for forcing me to do this!

HINT – Use your mercenaries with ranged attacks or Muradin’s Storm Bolt ability to sink the nearby ship.

: Very good!  But there are still more ships to deal with!

HINT – Attack the trees ahead with your Mortar Teams to clear a path.

HINT – To clear a path, destroy the trees in the canyon below with Goblin Sappers.

HINT – Some mercenaries have the Ensnare ability.  Use Ensnare to bring the flying beasts to the ground.

Arthas: Well done!  Only one ship remains!

Burn the Boats

Note: Arthas lies to his men when they arrive, and betrays the mercenaries that helped him kill Undead Scourge and Nerubians in order to reach and destroy the ships so that his recalled troops couldn’t leave Northrend.