Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Undead Campaign - Chapter 2: The Flight from Lordaeron

Location: Inside Ruins of Lordaeron Capital City, Tirisfal Glades

The next morning, on the palace grounds, King Arthas and his majordomo, Kel’Thuzad, discuss the Lich King’s dire warnings.

King Arthas: Yes. With my powers drained, I can barely command my own warriors. The Lich King warned me that if I didn’t reach Northrend soon, all could be lost.

Kel’Thuzad: Fear not, my king. Everything has been prepared for your departure. The ships are waiting at the coast and—Assassins! It’s a trap!

Balnazaar: You should never have returned, human. Weakened as you are, we have assumed control over the majority of your warriors. It seems your reign was short lived.

Kel’Thuzad: There are too many of them, my king! Flee—escape from the city. I’ll find my own way out and meet you in the wilderness.

King Arthas: All right, lich. Good luck.


The King’s Exit

– Bring Arthas to the city exit

– Arthas must survive

With the Dreadlords’ forces closing in, Arthas must make a quick retreat from the city.

Necromancer: Our master, Kel’Thuzad, sent us to aid you. Our new skeletal mages will make short work of the rebels.

King Arthas: Very good. We’ll need to move quickly and find any others still loyal to me. We’re going to need all the support we can get.

Crypt Fiend: By Nerub, the rebels nearly had us, King Arthas.

King Arthas: I would not leave my subjects to be slaughtered by this rabble.

Crypt Fiend: Then we shall stand by you till the end.

King Arthas: I have need of your abilities, little Shade. Will you help me?

Shade: I live only to serve you, King Arthas.

King Arthas: I have need of you warriors. Come with me. The dreadlords’ guards are stationed outside that armory. If we can fight our way past them, we could commandeer the meat wagons held inside.


Meat Wagon Surprise

– Kill the armory guards

– Rescue the Meat Wagons

The towers are proving quite difficult to get through without heavy casualties. Break into the armory and seize the Meat Wagons there to quicken the destruction of the towers.

King Arthas: I call upon your loyalty. Will you serve me? Finally some firepower. These will help us with the main gate’s defenses! You there—will you not stand by your king? These piles of corpses will serve us well. We can reanimate the bodies and bolster our forces as we move.

Bloodfeast: Small king no escape. Slay! Rend! Feast!


The King’s Exit

Just outside the Castle of Lordaeron … four massive Scourge Abominations stand on the way to freedom.

King Arthas: We have no time for this! We must find our way out quickly!

Banshees arrive to help King Arthas get rid of the Abominations.

King Arthas: You have my thanks, ladies. But where is your mistress? Where is Sylvanas?

Banshee: She sent us to find ou, great King. We’ve come to escort you across the river. Once we cross it, we’ll take refuge in the wilderness.

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