Location: Dimensional Gates at northern Hellfire Peninsula, Outland

Two days later, upon the desolate plains of Outland, Illidan and Prince Kael’thas prepare to assault Magtheridon’s dimensional gateways.

Illidan Stormrage: Long ago, after Draenor’s explosion, a brutal Pit Lord named Magtheridon rallied the surviving orcs and took control of Outland. Since then, his forces have grown strong.

Prince Kael’thas: How, master? If most of the orcs were killed when this world exploded, how has he bolstered his ranks?

Illidan Stormrage: By using the very portals that tore the planet apart. Many of Ner’zhul’s dimensional gates still stand, young prince. Magtheridon lures scores of hapless demons through them daily.

Prince Kael’thas: Then we must seal them permanently.

Illidan Stormrage: Yes. We will seek out each of the gates and I will close them myself. Once they have been sealed, we will move against Magtheridon’s Black Citadel and claim Outland as our own.


Dimensional Gates

– Close each Dimensional Gate (0 of 4)

– Bring Illidan to each Dimensional Nexus (0 of 4)

– Illidan must survive 3 minutes per Gate

A brutal Pit Lord named Magtheridon commands a vast army that pours through the Dimensional Gates daily. Only Illidan has the power to close each Gate by stepping into the Dimensional Nexus. Kael will need to protect Lord Illidan while he works his magic for 3 minutes.

Prince Kael’thas: Be wary, master! More demons are emerging from the gate! Magtheridon’s forces have besieged that Draenei Village! If we drive them back, the Draenei will join us in our fight!


Draenei Village

– Destroy the Orange Fel Orc base

For centuries the Draenei have been battling the Fel Orcs, but in the last hundred years the Draenei have been slowly losing. With the help of Illidan and Kael the Draenei would be able to turn the balance in their favor and rid themselves of the Fel Orcs once and for all.

Akama: I am Akama, Elder Sage of the draenei. Lord Illidan promised to rid us of our ancient enemies in exchange for our loyalty. These cursed orcs serve Magtheridon—a terrible lord whose Black Citadel lies to the west. Under his command, the orcs hunted us to the brink of extinction. But now, with Lord Illidan behind us, we will fight back and retake our ancestral lands.

Lady Vashj: We also serve Illidan, old one.

Akama: Very well, stranger.


Draenei Village


Draenei – The Draenei have joined Illidan’s cause to help rid Outland of Magtheridon’s forces.

Illidan Stormrage: I’ll get to work on this gate, Kael. I’ll need you to defend me just as before.

Prince Kael’thas: Magtheridon has called in his reinforcements! It’s working, Illidan is closing the portal! We’ve got to buy him more time!

Illidan closed the second portal and his forces move along to the next Dimensional Nexus.

Illidan Stormrage: Kael, cover me while I attempt to close this gate.

Prince Kael’thas: The gate is opening! More demons are charging through!

As Kael’thas nears the gate to attack the incoming legion of demons, Kael notices few cages with Draenei prisoners.

Draenei Warrior: You saved our lives. We are yours to command Blood Elf.


Draenei – These Draenei are very effective against their bitter enemies the Fel Orcs.

Prince Kael’thas: Master, the final dimensional gate is surrounded by demons! We’re going to have a serious fight on our hands.

Illidan Stormrage: Do not fear the demons, Kael. In time, they will call you master!

Prince Kael’thas: We’ve done it, master! The dimensional gates are all sealed. There’s no way for Magtheridon to call reinforcements now.

Illidan Stormrage: True, but his standing forces are still considerable. Assaulting his Black Citadel will not be easy, Kael.

Prince Kael’thas: I wouldn’t have it any other way.