Transformers: Autocracy # 9: Transformation

Transformers: Autocracy # 9: is now on sale, and things have ramped up with the demise of ZETA PRIME, and the betrayal of Megatron, as he shoots a hole through Orion Pax’s chest and pushes him into the abyss.


Long ago, on the planet Cybertron … ORION PAX, leader of an Autobot counter-terror strike team, joins with MEGATRON, commander of the rebel Decepticons, to overthrow the planet’s corrupt ruler, ZETA PRIME. With success at hand — and Zeta dead — Megatron turns on Pax, blasting him through the chest. Throwing Pax’s body underground, Megatron seizes power for himself.


Story: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art: Livio Ramondelli
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editors: John Barber & Carlos Guzman


I’m amazed by Transformers: Autocracy # 9. I saw it coming. With ZETA PRIME dead, and Megatron backstabbing Orion Pax, shooting him through the chest — Megatron has now taken Iacon and all of Cybertron over for the Decepticons –giving out an amnesty to all Autobots to join the Decepticons, or death.

In the depths of The Undergrid, a broken and nigh dead Orion Pax awakens as he senses a nearby power source. A calling.

Transformers: Autocracy # 9 is going to give fans the goosebumps. It’s a thrilling moment for any reader. Orion Pax dons the Matrix of Leadership, shedding away his life and identity to become Optimus Prime.

Issue # 10 begins the climax of this storyline. It’s time to set Cybertron free. It’s time to fight as one. It’s time for hope of a better tomorrow.

Chris Metzen & Flint Dille have done an amazing job fleshing out a chaotic Cybertron that truly needs a noble and unconditional heroe. A freedom-fighter. A symbol of unity and hope: Optimus Prime.

Grab your copy or the entire series at Comixology, or find it on iPhone/iPad. Comixology supports PC reading with Adobe Flash player.


Hot Rod
Orion Pax


Iacon, Trion Square
Torus-City Ultrix. Autobot Safe-House
The Undergrid

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