Some Europe fansites are starting to giveaway Starcraft II beta keys provided by Blizzard Entertainment. Only thing left to say is: GO, GO, GO.

Pandaria Wars (EN)
Pandaria Wars is organizing WarCraft III tournaments for a chance to win beta keys. Sign up, if you feel strong at this particular game! (PL)
Submit your unique StarCraft II unit idea

Starcraft II Hungary (HU)
The Hungarian StarCraft II fansite is also offering you a chance to win beta keys. They are running 3 different contests:

StarCraft II France (FR)
They are running a quiz, which consists of 17 questions about StarCraft II and 2.0. (DE)
Quiz and StarCraft: Brood War tournament

StarcraftCZ (CZ)
Quiz with an additional ‘write a poem’ task