Here we go again stalking our favorite book writers, and Blizzard’s creative freelancers all over the globe. This time our friendly convention-hopper Keith R.A. Decandido has pop on my long-range radar — [gee, this guy writes his stuff on trains, airplanes, airports and hotels, he doesn’t miss an event. Does he?]

Keith R.A. DeCandido will be signing at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting held in Boston, Massachussets. There’s no Blizzard booth here, but you can go say hi and sneak in your Starcraft: Ghost novels and manga nonetheless to get those signed. Here’s a video showing what the American Library Association (ALA) is. If you manage to take photos or video of yourself with Keith R.A. Decandido at this event, send’em to us to post it in the front page.

When: Friday, January 15th

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (map)
415 Summer Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Where: BOOM! Studios Booth # 1471

If you had pre-scheduled to go to Arisia 2010 in Cambridge, Massachussets, Keith said on his blog that he will be sneaking around there on Sunday, Jan 17 in the evening, and on Monday.

Arisia 2010 – Cambridge Hyatt Hotel (Map)
575 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts