There is a official forum thread that made me go ZOMG, the Rantage !!! Yea, there are players that are not satisfied with high-end content, or how long it takes to get to the next patch.  It was a fun read summarizing every single piece of content we subconsciously rant about. Besides that, what caught my interest—in that Sherlock Holmes-wannabe stretchful way of a diehard fanatic—is the hint that something big is coming in patch 3.2 and again … Gilneas.

Why are we getting teased so much lately about this two topics?  It’s not a huge amount of info, but simply remarks, small bits of info that makes you go “huh?”.  Implanting small seeds that grow and entangle your mind, and make you ponder deeply.

A few days ago, I reported Blizzard Rep Teases Gilneas, where Zarhym said: “The consequences could be disastrous! We