Starcraft: Ghost Novel and Manga Update

Keith R.A. DeCandido revised the proposal for StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1 and sent it off to TokyoPop. The manuscript for StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres is due to Pocket Star Books on 31 October. The author is hard at work to meet up deadlines on various projects such as Star Trek, Blizzard Games and other stuff. Both the Starcraft Manga: Ghost Academy; and the Starcraft: Ghost: Spectres are expected to be on sale around Summer 2009. Starcraft: Ghost: Spectres is dated for release on June 30, 2009. Keep an eye on those. Starcraft: Ghost is not dead.

My personal hunch, if that means anything to anyone anyway, based on what Rob Pardo and other folks have said, such as no plans for console development in the near future, and that Starcraft: Ghost is something they would like to return to when a team is available and wishes to focus on working with it is … Starcraft: Ghost could return on PC/Mac and possibly as an MMO? Those who attended BlizzCon 2005 played Starcraft: Ghost multiplayer. And that game pretty much looked like an MMO. Personally, I enjoy Half-Life 2: Deathmatch when I am not hooked on Blizzard games. I would like something that beats that experience. I want Starcraft: Ghost !!! In the meantime, we got these two books to look forward to.

Keep the good work: Keith, Marco Palmieri, and Chris Metzen.

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