WoW Radio, in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, is proud to announce the “Pass the Torch” contest. Since we’re launching our new season on the same day as the Olympic games commence, we thought it would be appropriate to give our grand giveaway an olympic theme. Starting on the 8th of August, running through to the 12th, contestants will have to listen out for 5 ‘olympic rings’ (you’ll know them when you hear them), each of which contains a word. The torch will be passed from show to show, and each time it is, we’ll give out one of the secret words. When all 5 words are put together, they will form a phrase. Those who successfully complete the phrase, can email it to and will be entered into a grand prize draw to win a WWI card, which gives them beta access on either european, or US servers as well as the exclusive Tyrael vanity pet. What’s more, listeners have plenty of chances to win, since we have not one, not two, but twenty cards to give away! The contest is open to everyone, and the winners will be drawn and announced on the show ‘Blue Plz’ on Friday the 15th of August. Those who miss the live shows, can download the podcast shortly after the show ends, or stream it from the website. Check out for more details, including a list of the shows which each olympic ring will appear in.


WoW Radio is pleased to announce it’s new season of programming featuring a brand new show and the return of three old favorites. Role-players will be interested to learn that there’s now a show dedicated exclusively to their interests. “The Essence of RP” covers all aspects of roleplay and the RP community. Whether you’re a veteran role-player, or merely curious, this show will have something for everyone. Also making it’s return is “World of Theorycraft”. Featuring class experts every week, the show is dedicated to informing and educating the WoW community on the best ways to play their class, and fulfil their role in parties and raids. Returning from a long haitus is the “Happy Hour Tavern”, featuring popular radio-play “Chalice of Silvermoon” and a light-hearted and boisterous look at the week’s community issues and drama, with plenty of listener interactivity along the way. Last but not least, WoW Radio’s original flagship show, the hugely popular Blue Plz! returns with host TotalBiscuit, taking an in-depth look into Wrath of the Lich King, discussing and dissecting all the cutting edge issues that face the player-base. A schedule for the launch of our new shows can be found below.

  • Happy Hour Tavern (Wednesday, 6th August 20:00 EST)
  • Blue Plz! (Friday, 8th August, 17:30 EST)
  • The World of Theorycraft (Tuesday, 12th August 14:00 EST)
  • The Essence of RP (Thursday, 14th August 14:00 EST)

Those wishing to tune in live, can do so by click the listen link on the front-page, or downloading this file and opening it in a compatible media player. WoW Radio streams using Shoutcast, which is compatible with most major media players including Winamp, Windows Media Player and iTunes. WoW Radio’s frontpage also features support for players that integrate into your web-browser, allowing easy access to our stream. Those who cannot tune in live or would prefer to listen at their convenience can download mp3s of all of our shows directly from our website, through iTunes and all good podcast listings and by subscribing to our on-site RSS feeds. Listeners can also stream directly from the website via our flash-player, if they cannot, or would prefer not to, download the show in it’s entirity.

We look forward to seeing you there.