Starcraft: Ghost - Weapons

The arsenal of weapons that Nova has access to include precision instruments of death and blunt hammers of destruction. Whatever the mission, there is a weapon well-suited to the task. The weapons listed below are but a small selection of the many available in the game. All of these weapons are useable by Nova in the single-player campaign, but their use in multiplayer is restricted to specific characters.

Torrent Shotgun

The Torrent Shotgun is a close-range weapon that propels high-impact shot in a cone immediately in front of the firer. The wide dispersal of shot makes it ineffective against long-range targets, but the powerful blast is lethal from point-blank range, making the Shotgun the weapon of choice for Light Infantry attempting to eliminate close targets.


The twin arm-mounted Perdition Flamethrowers are the perfect weapon for clearing close-range targets with decisive results. Few creatures can withstand the constant stream of flames from a Flamethrower and survive. Its highly volatile fuel, fed by heavy shoulder tanks, continues to immolate the area long after the Perdition Flamethrower has ceased firing. This is the default weapon for the Firebat in multiplayer games, and is exclusive to that unit.

Gausse Rifle

The Gauss Rifle is the standard Light Infantry weapon. Although it has no secondary fire mode, it is more powerful than the Assault Rifle, thanks to its faster rate of fire and armor-piercing ammunition.

E11 Lockdown Device

Another weapon that only Ghosts are trained to use, the Lockdown Device stops vehicles dead in their tracks. Before firing the Lockdown Device, Nova must hold her aim over the target for a few seconds while the weapon completes its lock. Once the targeting reticule indicates a viable shot, Nova can fire the weapon to instantaneously lock the vehicle down for a minute.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is the standard-issue weapon for a Ghost, combining light weight with a sizable 30-round clip and burst firing. When the situation calls for more explosive firepower, the Assault Rifle can also be used to launch grenades with its secondary fire mode. Its versatility makes it a reliable means of protection for Nova when other weapons are unavailable.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle: Powerful and precise, this lethal weapon is only entrusted to the highly trained hands of a Ghost. While all weapons have a zoom function, the Sniper Rifle has further zoom magnification that allows Nova to perform one-shot kills on targets from hundreds of yards away.

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