One of the most exciting features in StarCraft: Ghost is the inclusion of vehicles. Several of them are familiar and popular vehicles from the strategy game, while a few are brand-new creations. Vehicles are a key component of multiplayer games, adding another level of strategy to ordinary competitive play. Some vehicles will also be available for Nova to use in the single-player game. Here are just a few of the vehicles you will be able to drive in StarCraft: Ghost.


StarCraft players will recognize the speedy Vulture as the ultimate scout vehicle. In Ghost, this single-person, sleek hovercraft is the fastest and most maneuverable vehicle. It also boasts a mounted laser cannon to give it offensive capabilities as well. The Vulture can be piloted by both Ghosts and Light Infantry and is a highly valuable vehicle in multiplayer games due to its great speed. However, beware of enemy players, who can grab onto your Vulture, kick you to the ground, and commandeer it from you.

Siege Tank

This mammoth engine of destruction is one of the most recognized vehicles from StarCraft. Armor-plated and slow-moving, it is a mobile artillery platform that protects its occupant while also leveling crippling fire on enemy players. It has a thunderous primary cannon attack and can also switch to siege mode to launch devastating bombardments at enemies from afar. Both Light Infantry and Ghosts can pilot a Siege Tank, which is perhaps the most powerful vehicle in StarCraft: Ghost.


The Grizzly is one of the new vehicles created for Ghost. It is a fighter- bomber with limited troop carrying capacity. In Capture the Base multiplayer games, it?s the perfect vehicle. With its heavy armament, it can muscle through enemy defenses, and thanks to its troop carrier slots, it can ferry a full five-man team into a hovering factory. The Grizzly has a pilot?s seat and gunner position, both of which can be manned by Ghosts or Light Infantry. With both spots occupied, a Grizzly can launch a withering barrage of attacks at enemies below, including dual machine guns, lasers, rockets, and bombs. Three additional compartments allow passengers to ride aboard the Grizzly: two spots on the wings for Marines and Firebats and a third stowaway spot for an additional Ghost passenger.


Another of the new vehicles created specifically for StarCraft: Ghost, the Stinger is a rugged and versatile jeep. Its six-wheels give it better stability for navigating difficult terrain, making it ideal for all-terrain transport and support. Occupying the middle ground between the Vulture’s speed and the Siege Tank’s overwhelming power, the Stinger provides good mobility with respectable firepower. It has room for a single driver and a gunner, who rides in the back of the vehicle to man the mounted heavy assault cannon.