StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition Pre-Orders Begin

The pre-order of the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition is now available.

The Collector’s Edition pre-order also grants you automatically a Heart of the Swarm Beta key. It is sent to the e-mail attached to your Amazon account.

Below you can view images of the pre-order process, including how to enable shipping delivery on release date (arrives on March 12 to your door) instead of shipping 2 days after the release date.

Advise: Don’t wait until release date to hope you will get a Collector’s Edition. Only those who have a pre-order ticket at a local store have a guaranteed copy. I always get mine online the moment they are announced for pre-order. However, I have tried to get copies for Blizzplanet giveaways in person. Learn from our experience at Diablo III Collector’s Edition and StarCraft II Collector’s Edition.

Pre-Order Process

Before pressing the Place-Order button, there are three options to the left of the Place-Your-Order button: Shipping Address, Payment Information and Gift Cards & Promotional Codes.

Even if your Shipping Address is correct, please, click on the (Change) link. It will display all the Home Address or delivery destination (friends/family) options you might have added in the past. Choose where you want the game delivered at.

Even if the shipping address is correct, click on the Ship-To-This-Address button. This will open up the four delivery options seen in the image below. Select the appropriate one to receive the game at your door on March 12th.

Collector’s Edition Features

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