Many fans of the ongoing StarCraft comic book series published by Wildstorm / DC Comics were disappointed when it ended with issue # 7 on December of last year.

Shortly after, Wildstorm issued a press release announcing the World of Warcraft and the StarCraft comic book would return in a new format. The Graphic Novels are becoming popular lately, and those aren’t monthly.

As a product reviewer, I have access to the solicitations about a week than they become public. Thus far, I haven’t seen any solicitations for either graphic novel titles. It’s possible we might see something by the end of 2010, hopefully. At least Simon Furman’s message on his blog seems to point out we might hear something this year.

As for heavy hitters, as he mentions, I gotta point out for those who haven’t picked up the last issue, StarCraft # 7, the last page had a teasing image for the future of the series once it comes back in Graphic Novel format. The image showed the ghost Nova standing triumphant over the unconscious mercenary team: The War Pigs.

I recommend picking up the upcoming StarCraft Vol. 1 (June 25, 2010), a trade paperback (hardcover) gathering issues # 1 to 7. The War Pigs are officially part of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty as mercenaries you can hire from the Cantina room in the Hyperion — as revealed during the StarCraft II Press Event held in Blizzard Studios (Irvine).

Prior to this, Chris Metzen told me during our video interview (July 17, 2009) the War Pigs weren’t yet slated to appear, but he did savor the idea and didn’t guarantee they wouldn’t make an appearance in-game … “You never know!”

Simon Furman: “In December I got the news from Wildstorm that StarCraft would finish with issue #7. Which was disappointing, because I was solidly into the next story arc , which featured some of the game’s heavy-hitters. But, this just heralded a change of editorial direction, and I expect/hope to be back in the StarCraft universe in 2010 in the shape of an original graphic novel featuring those selfsame heavy-hitters. More details as this firms up.”