Sacred Waters

Prince Anduin: I appreciate you coming all this way to save me, but Ren is gravely injured.

The old pandaren had no reason to help me, yet still he risked his life to save my own.

Before the fever set in, he mentioned that there are healing waters in the cave just down the hill.

It is dangerous, but I will do anything to help my friend. Will you help me retrieve the waters?

Objective: Collect healing waters from the four Sacred Bowls in the Den of Sorrow.

[Quest Completion]

Lina Whitepaw: The healing waters should abate Ren’s fever for a short while, but alas, I fear it is no permanent cure.

Thank you, (class). We have granted him a little more time, at least.

Rest in Peace

Ren Whitepaw: The spirits … the cavedwellers … they howl in agony …

Trapped … in this world … cannot move to the next.

I … will go mad … listening … to their cries … Please … go … put them to rest.

Objectives: Kill 6 Tortured Spirits.

    Note: Inside and outside the cave are Tortured Spirits which have the same model as the Undead Scourge’s Shade. Prince Anduin seems to have exorcism spells. He says: “Shadows, begone!”

    When the player kills the shades (Tortured Spirits) they transform into Light Spirits looking like Jinyu. The Freed Spirits say random things. Here are some samples:

    • Tortured Spirit says: The living are not welcome here!
    • Freed Spirit says: The shadows are gone … the corruption is lifted.
    • Tortured Spirit says: In the end, only silence remains.
    • Freed Spirit says: The light … returns …
    • Freed Spirit says: The darkness came from deep within the earth. Still, it hungers …
    • Freed Spirit says: Thank you, stranger …

    Note: Strong vibe that Chris Metzen and Creative Team are hinting Sargeras is somehow connected to the Sha? All we know about Sargeras is that when Medivh was slain by Sir Anduin Lothar, his spirit was cast into the void. However, when Gul’dan entered Sargeras’ Tomb at the Broken Isles … he did not find Sargeras’ avatar — as seen in Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (RTS game, 2003). Its whereabouts are unknown.

    Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson told me during an interview, at New York Comic Con 2009, there were plans for Sargeras.

[Quest Completion]

(Ren tosses about deliriously. His brow is hot with fever.)

Ren Whitepaw: Wa … water …

Thank you … friend. I am … happy … knowing … the spirits … are at peace.

The Vale of the Eternal Blossoms

Lina Whitepaw: Any friend of Anduin’s is a friend of ours, (class). My father would not be here without him.

My father has dedicated his life to studying the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The Vale is a mythical place, forgotten to time. It is mentioned sparingly in history and folklore, but no one remembers where it is, or how to enter.

He has followed a trail of clues to the cave down the hill. Inside is a very old poem known as the Song of the Vale, but he is in no condition to retrieve it.

If you are heading that way anyway, would you mind bringing it back to him?

Objective: Retrieve the Song of the Vale from the Den of Sorrow.

    [Song of the Vale]

    There is a valley where dreamers sleep.

    Where flowers bloom and willows weep.

    Where loamy earth springs life anew.

    And waters sparkle, clear and blue.

    Where every hearth brings peaceful ease.

    And beauty sings on every breeze.

    Here the Sacred Pools spring pure.

    Here, seek any who desire cure.

    Holy. Nature. Powers Divine.

    Turn death to life, death to life.

    [Note: This poem kinda makes me wonder if there’s a connection with Chris Metzen’s Twitter message about bringing back to life an old hero from Warcraft III. Hmm.]

[Quest Completion]

Ren Whitepaw: Did you … find the scroll?

Oh … it is the poem! Did you … read it? Where … is the Vale?

Anduin’s Decision

You have done all you can for the Prince’s friends.

You completed your mission and found the White Pawn – Prince Anduin. Admiral Taylor and the other SI:7 agents will be eager to have the boy safe in their custody.

It is time to return home.

Objective: Tell Anduin that it is time to return home.

Prince Anduin: The pandaren are full of ancient knowledge. Lina has been teaching me the medicinal uses of the local herbs.

You: It is time to go home, Prince Anduin.

(Speak to Anduin: 1/1)

Prince Anduin: (Name), I am sorry, but I cannot go back just yet. I’ve decided to search for the Vale. I must find the Sacred Pools and study their healing powers.

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Prince Anduin, we’ve come to take ye home. Come quietly, now.

Prince Anduin: I’m sorry, but I won’t. I’m sure you understand my reasons.

Sully: Eh? Oh … uh … you’re absolutely right, Prince Anduin. You are free to go as you please.

Prince Anduin: Come on, let’s go.

    Note: Three question marks appear above Amber Kearnen (SI:7) as she hears Sully’s words. Prince Anduin, Ren Whitepaw and Lina Whitepaw run away.

Amber Kearnen: Sully! How could you just let him go?

Sully: Eh? What happened?

Amber Kearnen: You silly dwarf, he mind controlled you! Now he’s gone!

Sully: Whaaa? I can’t believe he did that ta me!

Amber Kearnen: I hope you’re ready to explain this to Admiral Taylor!

Sully: Cheeky little bugger! Didn’t think he had it in him!

[Quest Completion]

Admiral Taylor: He did WHAT?!?!?

He’s lucky that I haven’t found him yet, because when I do, I just might kill him myself!

Whatever he think he’s doing … chasing after this Vale … it is not behavior fit for a prince!

If we didn’t have more pressing matters at hand, I would send our entire fleet chasing after his heels!

At least we know that Anduin is alive. Well done, (name). Now go speak to Elder Lusshan. He has been asking for you.

In Search of Wisdom

Elder Lusshan: Lorewalker Cho came by and asked for you while you were gone.

He needs your assistance urgently in the town of Dawn’s Blossom to the north. For what reason, he did not say.

Speak to Kitemaster Ot-Nam. He would be happy to send you there.