Blizzard Entertainment has put a lot of effort with the World of Warcraft TV Commercials to advertise the game = $$$ hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars worth in advertisement.

Adrianne Curry minutes after a shower, showing on her Twitter a picture of herself playing World of Warcraft naked = Priceless.

Blizzard just won a few million new players with her Twitter stunt advertising the game and herself. Adrianne told fans she went to the Kickboxing class, and returning home took a shower, and decided to play World of Warcraft naked.

Adrianne Curry is an american model born in 1982, and the first winner of America’s Next Top Model. Wife to Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch). Modeled for Playboy on the February 2006 cover and the January 2008 issue. The couple participated in the Wonderful Pistachios TV Commercials [see bottom].

Apparently she is an attention-magnet as she has been in various TV shows and Reality shows such as The Fair Brady and Celebrity Family Feud. She participates in Cosplay going to big geek events such as the New York Comic Con, Big Apple Comic Con and Wizard World. Her twitter has photos of her costumes: Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, and a Watchmen character.

She plays an Alliance Night Elf Warrior character named Darthadri on the Nazgrel server. She’s currently lvl 33, and plays a Warlock too. She’s among many other celebrities who openly admitted playing World of Warcraft. To name a few:

Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Routhe (Superman Returns), Dave Chapelle (Comedy Central), Jim Lee (DC Comics/Wildstorm), Steven Spielberg, Mila Kunis (Milena Markovna) (Video), Curt Schilling (Baseball), Verne Troyer, Robin Williams (Comedian Actor), Brad McQuaid (Sigil Games), Jonathan Davis (Korn), Vin Diesel (Actor), George