Dagger in the Dark

Garrosh Hellscream: Do you see, champion? There is little my Horde cannot accomplish. What is this?

Vol’jin. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on your island kissing frogs?

Vol’jin: The question is, what are WE doin’ here? Yeh brigh ‘dis war to anudder corner of Azeroth, and I wanna know why.

Garrosh Hellscream: Your lack of vision is why your people are still primitives, and your lack of loyalty is why I did not summon the Darkspear for this campaign.

Look around you, Vol’jin. This land is rich in resources: wood, stone, iron, fuel. And people.

A show of might on these shores will make the pandaren think twice about joining the Alliance.

Vol’jin: All dis bloodshed make everyone think twice ’bout joinin’ da Horde.

Garrosh Hellscream: This is the difference between me and you, Vol’jin. I won’t let MY people starve to death in the desert. I will stop at nothing – NOTHING – to ensure a proud and glorious future for the orcs and anyone with the courage to stand with us. Wait here.

(Garrosh walks away from Vol’jin to whisper secretly to Rak’gor Bloodrazor. This orc has two daggers. An assassin. The conversation isn’t shared with the player. This is obviously the order to kill Vol’jin.)

Garrosh Hellscream: There is something you can do, troll, to demonstrate your value to the Horde. A mission in the heart of this continent.

Vol’jin: I will go, but only as a witness for my people. Someone gota keep you in check, Garrosh.

(Quest Discovered: Dagger in the Dark)

Dagger in the Dark

Shadow Hunter Vol’jin has joined a group of Kor’kron scouts on an important mission for the Warchief.

Of course a proud member of the Horde such as yourself is welcome to go along, but be warned – it could get ugly.


Enter the “Dagger in the Dark” scenario and report to Vol’jin.


Scenario: Dagger in the Dark

Vol’jin: Ready to get dis thing started?

(I’m ready. Let’s go.)

Vol’jin: Everyone be here now. Let’s get dis done wit.

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: Proceed by foot. We’ll circle around and look for another entrance.

Vol’jin: As da Warchief commands …

I’m glad you here to watch me back. I don’t like da look of Garrosh’s goons.

Let’s mount up and move out!

Grizzle Gearslip: Hey – wait for me! I don’t like goons, either.

Vol’jin: Scouts say dere’s ancient magics in dese caves. Warchief wants ’em checked out.

Dem Saurok be guardin de cave. Let’s take care of ’em.

Vol’jin: Pull ‘im through da trap!

Hold up – there’s somethin’ dere.

One a dem lizard-beasts. Fight on me bruddahs!

(The Darkhatched Lizard-Lord calls for help!)

(The Darkhatched Lizard-Lord prepares to unleash a group of Water Jets!)

Vol’jin: I set up a trap. Dis will help. Pull ‘im through da trap! Stay in da fight! Spirits be wit’ ya.

Vol’jin: Have you fought dese ‘tings before? It’s like dey got weapons, but no brains.

Use ‘dis to heal yourself!

Grizzle Gearslip: We can take this boat inside. Just let me make a few modifications … And … done! A self-propelled saurok slaying machine.

Vol’jin One of you man da guns, the rest on foot. Kill anyting dat squirms!

(A Darkhatched Sorcerer has put the boat into Stasis! Kill it to interrupt the spell.)

Grizzle Gearslip: They’re busting up our boat!

Note: Big blue runes appear on the ground. Players must step on them to get a buff. It stacks. Rinse and repeat to get more stacks.

(You’ve gained Mogu Power! Pick up more runes and your power will grow.)

Mogu Power: Damage increased by 40. Haste increased by 20%. Movement Speed increased by 10%. Healing 2% max health every 2 sec. (Stacks)

(A Darkhatched Sorcerer has put the boat into Stasis! Kill it to interrupt the spell.)

Grizzle Gearslip: Ack, get that thing off us!

Grizzle Gearslip: Here, take this! It’ll help you against any swarms.

(Grizzle has given you a set of landmines! Use them on the saurok eggs nearby.)

Grizzle Gearslip: I’ll just … be right here. Don’t forget about me!

Vol’jin: Here! Stop da boat here.

Vol’jin: Dis be some kinda spawnin chamber … And dat be one ugly mudder!

(Broodmaster Noshi dies)

Vol’jin: Somethin unnatural about ‘dese creatures.

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: This is the chamber we’re looking for. The Warchief has learned there’s a connection between the Mogu and these creatures. Troll! You know all about this … voodoo. What can you find?

Vol’jin: “Voodoo” Watch me back while I investigate …

(Click the Broken Mogu Tablet by the wall)

(The statue appears to be of an ancient Mogu emperor.)

(It seems as though this cave used to contain powerful Mogu magic.)

Vol’jin: ‘Dese “Mogu,” dey workin’ wicked dark magic here. Da Saurok, ‘dey not born -‘dey was created. Flesh shaped an’ bent.

Dis be the blackest of magics, mon!

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: Yes! The power to shape flesh, to build warriors. This is what the Warchief wants!

Vol’jin: Garrosh playing god? Making monsters? Dis ain’t what da Horde is about!

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: He knew you were a traitor!

(Note: Rak’gor stabs Vol’jin with a powerful poison especially designed to kill a troll.)

Vol’jin: H-help-

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: The Warchief will annihilate his enemies! Ha-HAH!

(Note: Rak’gor attacks the players)

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: Leave no witnesses! Is THIS where your loyalties lie? Ha-HAH! Hellscream’s Horde demands absolute obedience!

(Note: Rak’gor Bloodrazor dies)

(Scenario: Dagger in the Dark complete!)

(Dominance Offensive Achievement update: Dagger in the Dark)

Rak’gor Bloodrazor: Hellscream … will find out …

Vol’jin: Dis be what da Horde come to? Killin’ its own? We can’t let dis happen. Champions, I need ya. Go back to da Warchief. Tell ‘im I’m dead. Stay close to ‘im. Watch ‘im. You an’ me, we move to take ‘im out when da time is right. Others are like me. You gotta find ’em. Swear da blood oath wit me.


Someone You Should See

Messenger Grummle: (Name)? It is good fortune I find you.

Chen Stormstout says to give this to you and ask you to meet him at Binan Village of the Kun-Lai Summit.

He found a friend of yours who needs much luck to get healthy.

Chen say speak to Tak-Tak for fast travels.


Find Chen Stormstout at Binan Village. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


(Take me to Binan Village.)

Tak-Tak: We meet again. Yu havin’ a good day now?

Anyway, Tak-Tak hear a lot of stuff goin’ on at the camp. I heard that your Warchief Garrosh was lookin’ around the Vale o’ Eternal Blossoms.

Did you and the pretty elves find somethin’ while you was there?

I heard somethin’ about a bell, made by those crazy mogu … thousands of years ago. Jimeny wikkets!

Is yer Warchief gonna look fer that bell now? Anything mogu is dangerous … an’ powerful.

Anyway, we’re almost to Binan Village. You mus’ be doin’ somethin’ real ookin’ important.

A big pandaren came and asked me to bring you here.

Don’t tell anyone where you’re goin’, he said!

Tak-Tak good on his word. Tak-Tak been real quiet. Me helpful!

Ok, we’re here. Get out!


Chen Stormstout: Vol’jin was a friend of mine, once upon a time. It has been many years since our paths crossed.

(What happened to Vol’jin?)

Chen Stormstout: Vol’jin’s body was found in a well a few days ago.

A poison flows through his veins that is halting his regeneration. This was designed to kill a troll.

If I had to guess, I would say this wound was made by an assassin’s hand. And one who is not from Pandaria.


Chen Stormstout: Ah! You received my note. Very good. Vol’jin is near death, and I will need your help healing his wounds.


Regeneration Takes Time

Chen Stormstout: Vol’jin would be dead if he were any race other than a troll. His regeneration is impressive, but it is being blocked by a poison.

We need to cleanse this poison so that he can regenerate the damage.

Take to the skies and travel southeast. Across the mountain tops of the Secret Aerie you will find needle sprites. Bring me some of the hardest needles from them you can find.

With them I can attempt an acupunture technique that should purge the poison from his body and accelerate his regeneration.


Collect 10 Sturdy Needles.


Chen Stormstout: My herbs are the only thing keeping Vol’jin from death. I dare not leave his side.

Sturdy Needle item: “A soothing aroma of pine drifts up from this stiff needle.”


Chen Stormstout: Very good. These should work nicely.

Nothing heals like a fistful of needles.


Find Thrall!

(Vol’jin half opens an eye and begins to move his lips as if to speak. Though no sound comes, you decipher two words.)

Vol’jin: Find Thrall.

(With an effort, Vol’jin thrusts a hearthstone into your hands and then passes out.)


Find Thrall by using Vol’jin’s Hearthstone.

(Vol’jin’s Hearthstone: 1/1)

Vol’jin’s Hearthstone item: “Use: Returns you to the Den in Durotar. May only be used near Vol’jin in Binan Village. (30 Min. Cooldown)”


Thrall: You have come a long way to see me, (race). Speak.


(Thrall stares at the stone you have handed him.)

Thrall: Vol’jin’s hearthstone? My friend, has it come to this?


The Horde Is Family

Thrall: This hearthstone was part of a conversation Vol’jin and I shared a long time ago.

He believes his people are in danger. I don’t know what all has transpired in my absence, but I can at least do this for my friend.

Come, (name), travel with me to the Echo Isles. We must make sure that the Darkspear are safe.


Escort Thrall to the Echo Isles.


Thrall: Aggra, I should not be long. The Darkspear are a strong people and I doubt they have much need of my assistance.

Aggra: Take as long as you need, Go’el. If Vol’jin believes his people are in danger then you had best aid them as you can.

Thrall: Very well my beloved. Come friend, let us ride to the home of the Darkspear.

I remember when Vol’jin and I first came to this land. The Horde was just an idea then. A hope. We needed one another.

We made our home in this desert, and named it after my father Durotan, Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan.

The land was harsh. Time and again it was Vol’jin and his people who ensured the Horde’s survival, saving us from starvation, or taking up arms when we were attacked.

Trolls and orcs have fought together. Died together. We are family. And family looks after its own.

Thrall: Kor’kron? Here? What has Garrosh been up to?

Kor’kron Soulbreaker: Halt! This city is under Martial Law. Declare yourselves.

Thrall: Have I been away so long that you have forgotten who I am?

Kor’kron Soulbreaker: Thrall, we no longer answer to you. We have a new Warchief now. And he has reminded us that we are STRONG!

Thrall: These are our Allies! You watch over them like they’re a threat. Why? You WILL answer to me!

Kor’kron Soulbreaker: No! Never again!


Thrall: Vol’jin has saved my life many times in the past. To see my own Kor’kron used against his people cuts deeper than I can put into words.



The Kor’kron have been trained to be the finest, most loyal soldiers of the Warchief. Their presence here means that Garrosh fears an uprising.

Vol’jin and his people are as much a part of the Horde as any orc.

We must break this occupation and free the trolls. It pains me to say this, but you must eliminate enough of the Kor’kron so that the trolls can retake their city. Then meet me at Darkspear Hold so we might challenge their officer directly.


Defeat 10 Kor’kron Overseers, 5 Kor’kron Subjugators, and Gul’tar the Subjugator.


Kor’kron Overseer: We’re routing out the traitors. Looks like we’ve found another …

Defiant Darkspear Citizen: Why ya be doin’ dis? We all part o’ dah Horde.

Defiant Darkspear Citizen: Who you be to challenge our loyalty?

Kor’kron Subjugator: By order of the Warchief this “city” is now under Martial Law. Any who refuse the will of the Warchief shall be branded as traitors!

Kor’kron Subjugator: This is OUR Horde!

Rebellious Darkspear Watcher: Ya not be needin’ dis weapon again now are ya?

Rebellious Darkspear Watcher: Shoulda’ left when ya had the chance.


Thrall: The orcs have changed. My Horde has changed. Do I kill my fellow orcs until it is once again “my” Horde? Do I have any right to try force the Horde to be what it once was?

These are troubling times. But for now, I must see to Vol’jin’s people.

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Update: The Horde is family)

Thrall: Sons and daughters of the Horde! Today you stand free due to the strength of your heroes and the actions of this champion, (name)! The Kor’kron arrival heralds dark times for the Horde.

But know this, the Horde IS family, even if some of its leaders have forgotten that fact. To prove this, I shall remain with you and lend what strength I can to your chosen leaders until Vol’jin returns.

Please, (name), do not tell Garrosh what we have done here today. I must make some weighty decisions before confronting him directly.

Do me this courtesy, (name), and do not share with Garrosh what has transpired here today. I could confront him directly, but I see now not all orcs share my view of the Horde.

Who am I to command their allegiance if I must become another dictator to do so?

What I can do is aid the Darkspear in fortifying their home while their heroes are abroad for the war. When Vol’jin returns, we will plan our next move.



From: Vol’jin

Subject: Darkspear Never Die

    My Friend.

    Garrosh tried to off me with a dagger to the throat. But I got me something more powerful than assassin’s poison. I got friends. You. Chen Stormstout. Thrall… We been through worse.

    I need to lie low for a while. Get me head together. Chen is taking me to the Shado-Pan Monastery to heal.

    Meantimes, I need you to stay close to Garrosh. Keep your eyes open. Find out what he got going on. Dangerous. But I know you can handle yourself. I seen it with me own eyes.

    – Voljin


The entire Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive questline ties-in with the upcoming novel by Michael Stackpole. Pre-order World of Warcraft: Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde. Watch Blizzplanet’s video of the Blizzard Entertainment Publishing Panel discussing details of the novel and Vol’jin’s appearance in patch 5.1

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