General Nazgrim will open a new core quest series sending players to The Valley of Emperors in Kun-Lai Summit. There awaits Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron. This part of the lengthy questline the blood elves kidnap a mogu to interrogate him about the Divine Bell.

To The Valley!

General Nazgrim: This sealed communication was sent for you, along with urgent orders to travel to the Valley of Emperors in Kun-Lai Summit.

This looks serious. I’d not delay if I were you.

Speak to Tak-Tak for transportation.


Find your “Friend from Silvermoon” at the Valley of Emperors. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


(Take me to the Valley of Emperors)

Tak-Tak: Ooh, big stuff’s shakin’. I heard some pretty elfs got slap-slapped up at Mogujia.

Say, wasn’t you there? Did you see it?

The blood elves weren’t prepared to fight the Korune mogu. Lotta blood elves died, but I heard you saved many survivors.

Anyway, big elf leader, Lor’them-somethin’ … he’s real mad!

He’s still loyal to your Warchief, but he wants to do things differently.

Garrosh all about strength! Lor’themar all about strategy. Even a simple hozen like Tak-Tak can see that!

Oh look, we are here. Later!

(Find your “Friend from Silvermoon”: 1/1)


Lor’themar Theron: Ah, good. You have come.

Again, I apologize for the cryptic note – but Garrosh is increasingly distrustful of us. I do not want this operation disturbed by hasty action on his part.


Lor’themar Theron: Orestes! Aenea! You are to accompany (name) on his mission.

Mogu are imperious, arrogant, and powerful – all characteristics that will send Garrosh into a rage when he arrives.

This is why it is critical that we capture and interrogate the leader of these mogu before that happens.

Ranger Orestes: Another mission with Aenea? If I must.

Legacy of the Korune

Lor’themar Theron: I’m not prepared to throw away more of our people fighting against an enemy we don’t know or understand.

See if you can find any clues in the area as to who exactly these “Korune” mogu are. A contingency in case this operation doesn’t go as planned.


Find the document Legacy of the Korune in the Valley of the Emperors, and collect the Sealed Korune Artifact and Korune Orders from Korune Mogu.


Lor’themar Theron: Have you found anything on the mogu?

Legacy of the Korune inscription: “These orders indicate that the Koruni have been called out of hiding in light of the resurrection of the Thunder King.”


Lor’themar Theron: Good. There’s quite a bit to pore through here …

I will have the Reliquary investigate these. Surely we can use them to discern more of the secrets of these Korune mogu.


Clearing the Path

Lor’themar Theron: First thing’s first. If we’re going to take the leader captive, we’ll need to thin the numbers of his agents.

Be careful. These mogu are particularly dangerous – they appear to be manipulating the sha in ways we haven’t seen before.


Kill 10 Korune Mogu


Lor’themar Theron: Good. We should be ready to make our move.


Trapping the Leader

Lor’themar Theron: It is time to make our move. Go to the Tomb of Shadows, weaken him, and take him captive.

I will stay here in case Garrosh arrives. He must be delayed so that we can take our prize before he destroys it in his anger.



Weaken and capture Shan Kien at the Tomb of Shadows in Kun-Lai Summit.


Shan Kien (Korune Warlord): INTERLOPER! Insect! Flea! I shall brush you away!

(Shan Kien’s hand twists into a Sha Claw!)

(Shan Kien’s eyes glow with Sha Magic!)

Shan Kien (Korune Warlord): Fools! I control what makes you fight … Fear, anger, doubt … these are MY weapons! AUGH!

Warchief Garrosh: Now … if you value your life, scum, you’ll tell me what I need to know. Where is the Divine Bell?!

Shan Kien (Korune Warlord): Ha … (cough) … you young races … so impatient, petulant. You cannot even control yourself … your own rage, your own fear. How could you hope … (cough) … to control the Bell?

Warchief Garrosh: Graaaagh!

(Garrosh smacks Shan Kien knocking him unconscious.)

Fine. You’ve made your choice … mogu. Now, you die …

Fanlyr Silverthron: Garrosh! Stay your hand! He is our only way to find the bell. We WILL make him talk. Give us time.

Warchief Garrosh: … Very well. He is yours, Blood Elf. But, elf … Disrespect me again, and I’ll have your head on a pike outside the gates of Orgrimmar.

Fanlyr Silverthron: Well … that was interesting. Let’s go meet with Lor’themar back outside.


Lor’themar Theron: We managed to capture our quarry.

In truth, though, I am not sure what our next move should be. I will contact the leaders of our allies and see if they have ideas – I don’t know that our arcane talents are going to pry the secrets of our mogu captive.

Alright everyone. Make preparations to take the prisoner back to the Vale. We’ll be handling him over to Hellscream once he’s had some time to cool off.

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Update: The Korune)

Lor’themar Theron: (Name) – good work. Without your assistance, I’m afraid this whole business would have ended quite nastily.


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