The Blizzard Community Managers, Public Relations and developers are having a great evening as a family at the Blizzard Holiday Party.

Photos started to flood Twitter. The bestest one was something Nick Carpenter had teased earlier he would share during the event.

All Blizzard Entertainment Employees get a special award for every 5 years of service as employees. Blizzard Entertainment executive art director Nick Carpenter unveiled the 20th Year Anniversary Award to be given to all Blizzard employees who reach 20 years of service with the company. Looks sick AWESOME. Update: Nick Carpenter designed this helm, and won’t get it until next year.

This 20th Anniversary Award looks like an amalgam of the ornamental motives on Diablo III Archangel Imperius’ helmet and chest.

This is a cool piece I bet many veteran Blizzard employees nearing their twentieth year will want to take home.

The Blizzard Holiday Party was a blast as seen in these photos. The Blizzard employees even loaded up courage onstage to participate in a Karaoke round. Among them was Diablo III community manager Bashiok who took the mic to sing. Either Bashiok is getting lots of women fans after this karaoke feat of strength, or else he won’t quit his job any time soon for a music career.

Chris Metzen, SVP of Creative Development, also sang onstage.

Employees had the choice to attend the party disguised as a hero or villain.

UPDATE Dec 26: WETA posted photos and a letter from Nick Carpenter to discuss the design process for this crown.