Meet the Scout

Onscreen Message: It has been two months since the parting of the mists. Alliance scouts, seeking a suitable landing site for the fleet, have engaged Horde forces on a beach in Krasarang Wilds.

Meet with Scout Lynna and help secure the landing site.


Speak with Scout Lynna at Krasarang Cove in Krasarang Wilds.


Scout Lynna: You have impeccable timing, (class). King Wrynn is just about to land, and the full might of our fleet will follow soon after.


Note: King Varian Wrynn approaches on a boat along with two 7th Legion Champion.

King Varian: There’s my survey team. Bring us in. What’s the situation?

Scout Lynna: Yer Highness! This site has everything we need. Lumber, stone and-

King Varian: The Horde?

Scout Lynna: Marshal Troteman and a handful o’ scouts pursued a Horde warband up the beach. They haven’t come back.

King Varian: Hmm … Troteman may have gotten himself in over his head. We’ll split up.

Lynna, stay here and establish a camp. Your first priority should be medical tents and shelters. When the peasants arrive, see that they begin construction of the docks.

Hornswaggle, notify the rest of the survey team. Quarry and mining operations will begin as soon as the fleet arrives.

Hilda Hornswaggle: Yes, yer majesty!

King Varian: Champion, you know this land better than anyone. You’re with me. Let’s go find Troteman.


A King Among Men

King Varian: There’s no time to waste, we need to find Troteman and secure the beach.

We should check on the dwarves, too – the Explorer’s League is tough, but they’re no army. They should be along the cliff just north of here.

Let us ride, (class). For our friends. For the Alliance.


Accompany King Varian Wrynn to find Marshal Troteman, Hilda Hornswaggle, and slay 25 Horde.


Note: The best option is to find the Marshal and Hilda first. Each will be ambushed, making it easy to kill a few Horde with the assistance of King Varian, and a bunch of Alliance soldiers. Kill the remaining Horde to complete the quest. Varian will attack each target you engage, so don’t stick to just one target.

Marshal Troteman: Brace yourselves, they’re coming back around!

(Marshal Troteman found: 1/1)

King Varian: We aren’t giving those savages an inch of ground. Not while I’m still alive. Troteman, you old dog, I knew I’d find you stirring up trouble.

The survey team has done well. This is an ideal deep-water port.

I want to see a tower built right here. Marshal, see to it that you hold this position until construction is complete. Now, let’s see to our supplies …

Hilda Hornswaggle: Explorer’s League reporting in, sir!

(Hilda Hornswaggle found: 1/1)

King Varian: I’m glad to see you contribute to the war effort. But I need supplies. What have you got?

Hilda Hornswaggle: Plenty of stone, aye. But no sign of major ore veins in this whole area.

King Varian: I’ll take it. Anything else?

Hilda Hornswaggle: Somethun’ even BETTER. History! Artifacts from an ancient an’ powerful race!

King Varian: I’ll make a deal with you, Hornswaggle. Help my men get a stone quarry operation running, and we’ll protect your dig site.

Hilda Hornswaggle: You mean it? Oh, I cannae WAIT to see the look on Brann’s face when he finds out I got an excavation green-lit by the King himself! You’ll have your quarry by next sundown!

King Varian: Hm. I used to think leadership was all about strength. I see things more clearly now – it’s a little bit of give, a little bit of take. It’s about binding people together. A bundle of sticks is not easily broken.


King Varian: I’m satisfied with this site. It’s time to bring in our fleet.


Lion’s Landing

King Varian: For too long the Horde has been allowed to run rampant across Azeroth. I will not see these new lands conquered by some barbaric “warchief.”

Are you ready to bring Alliance justice to the shores of Pandaria?

Let us return to the landing site. Use the flare launcher to bring in the fleet proper, and begin Operation: Shieldwall.


Use the Flare Launcher in Krasarang Cove to signal the Alliance fleet.


King Varian: Everything is in place. We’ll construct a town center on this peninsula, using resources from along the coast. From here we can reach out to the natives and keep Horde progression in check.

Champion! Without your pioneering efforts on Pandaria, this foothold wouldn’t have been possible. The honor is yours. Signal the fleet.


(Blue sails are barely visible on the horizon – the full might of the Alliance fleet, awaiting one final signal.)

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress: Lion’s Landing)

(Cinematic plays: The fleet arrives upon the beach.)

Note: Lion’s Landing stronghold is built behind-the-scenes.


King Varian: Marshal, excellent work fortifying the harbor. Our next priority is-

Anduin Wrynn yells: Father!

King Varian: What-?

(King Varian kneels before Anduin.)

King Varian: Anduin … you’re safe …

Prince Anduin: Father, you can’t do this. All the hatred and anger our war brings here – it poisons this place.

King Varian: Easy, son. We’re fighting a different war now. This isn’t about hatred of the Horde. This is about a love of what’s right. About doing what needs to be done.

Prince Anduin: This land is – different than ours. It’s a treasure.

King Varian: Then we’ll protect it with our lives. Son, I need you with me on this. We in this together?

Prince Anduin: Together …

Hilda Hornswaggle: Yer Majesty! The Horde, they’ve holed up in a temple west of here. Night elf rangers have surrounded it and locked it down …

King Varian: Rangers? … Tyrande.

Prince Anduin: Father! You can’t let them turn the Crane Temple into a war zone! That place is still recovering from a sha infestation …

Hilda Hornswaggle: AND it’s a historical treasure trove.

King Varian: Everyone, calm down. This sounds like one of Garrosh’s traps. He’s trying to lure us from the beach. Troteman? Round me up some peasants and a mortar team, and don’t let down your guard.

Prince Anduin: But father-

King Varian: I’ll bring a small group of champions with me and talk to Tyrande myself, Anduin. I can handle this. I need you to trust that I’m going to do the right thing here.

Prince Anduin: … I trust you, father.


This dialogue triggers a scenario quest: A Little Patience.

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