Rise of an Empire

General Nazgrim: Warchief Garrosh Hellscream travels north with a squad of his most elite soldiers.

Report to him with news of our continued victory against the Alliance. Make sure that his journey is swift and without incident.


Speak to Tak-Tak at Dominion Point.


(Take me to the Shrine of Two Moons)

Note: Tak-Tak takes the player on a Pandaren Kite to the Shrine of the Two Moons. A dialogue is triggered.

Tak-Tak: Heya! I’m Tak-Tak. I’ll take you to the Vale now, just like the big green guy over there told me to. Wait an ookin’ jibbet! Are you the wikket dat cleared the beach of jerb-derkin’ Alliance slicky-siders? You did all of that? You bammin’! You know, big grown guy was lookin’ for a trip up north earlier. Some Garrod… err… Ganosh… err … anyway, I didn’t get his name. He looked real important. Tak-Tak try to chitchatter with ‘im, but he jus’ stared at me so I shut my jabber real quick. Oh, looks like we’re here! Good luck out there.

Note: Upon landing, the player must mount up and fly above the central entrance of Shrine of the Two Moons. Garrosh is standing on the outdoor ledge of the temple — high above.

Garrosh Hellscream: Just look at this place, Malkorok. THIS is the prosperity that our people deserve! Tell me again the names of those who built this kingdom.

Malkorok: The mogu, Warchief. In the tome of pandaren history, they are written as cruel, relentless leaders. They were feared, not loved.

Garrosh Hellscream: Indeed? It appears I have much to learn from these “mogu.”


Garrosh Hellscream: What do you have to report?

Note: To the left side of Garrosh, by the corner, players can see Regent Lord Lor’Themar Theron. He got an eyepatch.


Buried Secrets

Fanlyr Silverthorn: I am told that the mogu once possessed hundreds of hidden armories full of earth-shattering weapons.

When a mogu army prepared for war, they struck fear and terror into the hearts of their enemies.

THIS is the knowledge I seek here on Pandaria!

I have sent an expedition to study some ruins to the west, but they work as slowly as dim-witted peons!

Go speak to Fanlyr Silverthorn, their leader. Tell him that I want to see results immediately.


Speak to Fanlyr Silverthorn at Ancestral Rise in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Note: Fanlyr Silverthorn is found at [20.9 – 15.7]


Fanlyr Silverthorn: The Warchief sent you? What does he say?


Voice of the Gods

Fanlyr Silverthorn: Too slowly!? We are working as quickly as possible for the Warchief!

We must excavate carefully, catalogue each find, and of course follow safety procedures. He must understand!

Well, we may have something to show him soon. Do you see that stone statue to the west?

We suspect it is an ancient stone storage vessel. Now we just have to find a way to open it.

If you would care to help us with our excavation, please go about it carefully.


Investigate the Mercurial Guardian, then obtain the Empyreal Decoder and use it near the Emperor’s Tablet.

  • Investigate the Mercurial Guardian
  • Emperor’s Tablet translated


Silvermoon Runeseeker: W-What’s happening? It’s coming alive!

(The Mercurial Guardian comes to life!)

(The Mercurial Guardian’s skin becomes as hard as silver!)

Note: Four Mercurial Visage spawn. These are lion-like statues. They can be crowd controlled, but the important thing is to move away when they die. Their corpse spawn a large pool of mercurial lava which quickly kills the player.

Note: Very important … loot the Mercurial Guardian. The Empyreal decoder item is looted. Walk toward the big tablet standing where the Mercurial Guardian was at, and click it. The player’s character will channel a decoding spell, triggering an in-game cinematic. (video)

    Narrator: In the one-hundred-and-seventieth year of the Thunder King’s reign, the Korune spellweavers came to Lei Shen with their greatest creation.

    A bell cast from the maker’s flesh, shaped by stars’ fire, and bound by the breath of darkest shadow.

    This bell, when rung, could shake the world and call to the heavens.

    Taken to war, the bell’s cacophonous tones stirred the hearts of Lei Shen’s warriors.

    It fueled their hatred and anger, lending them strength on the field of battle.

    The bell’s screaming voice struck fear and doubt into the hearts of the Emperor’s enemies, sending them fleeing in his path.

    Awed by its power, the Thunder King described the instrument as “the voice of the gods”, and named it the Divine Bell.

    Eventually, the Thunder King fell, and the Bell changed hands. Many tried to use its power. Some tried to silence its sound. All failed.

    Finally, the Korune spellweavers laid claim to their instrument and hid it away. Since then, the Bell has been lost to history.

(Emperor’s Tablet translated 1/1)

Silvermoon Runeseeker: Hmm … very interesting. This ledger will yield many secrets, indeed.

(Achievement Progress: The Voice of the Gods)

Silvermoon Runeseeker: If I am correct, (name), then this … Divine Bell … is exactly the type of weapon that Garrosh is looking for. Return to your other duties for now. I will bring this information to the Warchief myself.

Note: Go to your mailbox. A letter from Fanlyr Silverthron can be found there. Reliquary Facsimile: “A copy of a page from the Thunder King’s Empyreal Ledger. It describes the origin of the Divine Bell.”

    Subject: A Startling Discovery

    Greetings (name):

    Thank you again for your help with our excavation in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

    As expected, Warchief Hellscream was more than pleased to learn of the Empyreal Ledger that you excavated from the stone guardian.

    I thought you might be interested in receiving a copy of the relevant factual data that you recovered.

    I trust, of course, that you will not share this sensitive information with just anyone.

    ~ Fanlyr Silverthorn


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