These are the daily quests provided at Domination Point where players carry out missions to defend the isle from Alliance stormtroopers, gyrocopters, a naval fleet and a gunship.

Flash! AaaaaaHHHH!

Blood Guard Gro’tash: The gnomes have brought their flying contraptions. I want my skies CLEAR!

Get up there on whatever mount you have with you and destroy those paltry devices.

You may use this grog I “acquired” from our goblin allies. It would be better served blasting down gyrocopters than in the gullet of those little green fiends.

Objectives: Use the Bilgewater Molotovs to destroy 6 Skyfire Gyrocopter X2s.


Blood Guard Gro’tash: Ha! Simple mechanical toys are no match for a well aimed bottle of grog.

Easter Egg

The title of this quest is a song from Queen used in Flash Gordon (TV Series): Flash (thanks, Vineyard)


Tear it Up

Brolic (Blade of the Warchief): The Alliance may be cowardly, but they are no fools. Their assault would be formidable, if it were directed at lesser creatures.

To sustain a siege and put pressure on our troops they are air dropping in supplies to support their ground forces.

Search the beaches and docks to the south for any airdropped supplies and smash them.

Let the Alliance see their food and ammunition destroyed before their eyes and despair.


Destroy 8 Alliance Supply Drops.


Brolic (Blade of the Warchief): Just remember, the weapon of choice is not always the weapon with the longest range or heaviest amount of damage. In the end, the best weapon is the weapon that works every time.

Easter Egg

The title of this quest is a song by Queen — Tear it Up


Death on Two Legs

Shokia: The Alliance elite force, the 7th Legion, has made landfall. If we do not defeat them here, any hope of a Horde presence on this continent is lost.

Go to the battlefield south of here and slay members of the 7th Legion.

Show them how any horde who still stands on two legs will be the death of twenty Alliance!

Objectives: Defeat 10 7th Legion Marines, Paratroopers, or Stromtroopers.


Shokia: Well done, (name). I see your time in this land has hardened your resolve and sharpened your skills.

Easter Egg

The title of this quest is a song by Queen — Death on Two Legs


All Dead, All Dead

Brolic (Blade of the Warchief): Our Warchief has dispatched me to these shores to deal with this pitiful Alliance threat. These humans and their allies have proven to be very dependant on their leaders. No initiative of their own. As you walk the battlefield today look to the Alliance ships off our southern shores. Find their captains. Slay them. For the Horde!


Defeat Captain Lamb and Captain Mulkey.


It is not enough to rob the Alliance of their leaders. We must warn those who would aspire to leadership the cost of such ambition.


Another One Bites the Dust

Blood Guard Gro’tash: The Alliance have planted themselves off our southern coast and continue to pepper our ground forces with cannon fire. Let us see how great their siege is without such support.

Board the enemy vessels and destroy their reserve ammunition. This will take the teeth out of their bite.


Detonate the explosive cargo of The Defiant and Valor’s Edge.


Blood Guard Gro’tash: Ah! Look at them burn. These new Alliance craft require more to destroy them permanently however. I am sure they will have those fires out in a day or two.

Easter Egg

The title of this quest is a song of Queen titled: Another One Bites the Dust.


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