Cru-cru-cru-cru-Crunch! What’s Blizzard Cooking, doc’?  Well, it is a mystery; but the last job openings have been itching our curiosity lately. Reading through the new job opening, the “plus” requirements are: Experience in designing competitive online games and Familiar with a wide variety of Role Playing and Strategy games.  Regardless, Blizzard is listed at the E3 2006 Exhibitor’s List to be at South 1224 Booth.  Hopefully, their unannounced game is revealed either at E3 or BlizzCon. No one knows for sure.

New Position: Game Systems Designer
Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented and experienced game designer to work with the developers of Diablo and Diablo II. Duties will include working on general game design, rules systems, play balance, interface design and multiplayer features. Check out the Game Systems Designer posting for more information.