G4TV released a video in honor of the Diablo III announcement, X-Play takes a look back at the history of Blizzard’s popular dungeon-crawler franchise. The video starts by giving fans a tour through the Diablo 1 and Diablo II gameplay that redifined dungeon crawlers for a generation of PC gamers. G4TV X-Play mentioned DiabloFans when we had the Diablo 3 Countdown back on May 1 at the very end of their video, and even mentioned Mockery and the new home to the former diablo3.com community. This time around we return the goodwill shouts to X-Play.

Except I don’t share their comment that Diablo III is boring by seeing the gameplay video. I was there at Paris when the gameplay video was presented to fans and all I could hear at the end was a massive cheerful YAY from the crowd, screaming in delight. Heck, I had a toothache and a drilling headache—in agony—and I was joyful at the announcement and at what I was seeing there.