I have been preparing for a upcoming interview with Micky Neilson about World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen, a very exciting comic book published by DC Comics. The mini-series will span 5-issues. So far DC Comics has released issue # 1-2 (of 5).

I already gathered a few questions from the lore community, and once I finish up the Worgen quests, I will be ready to shoot some questions based on my knowledge from the in-game quests and the two-issues I have read so far from the World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen comic book mini-series.

You can find the comic book in newsstands and comic shops near you, or in online comic shops. For those who live overseas or prefer a digital format, the DC Comics store releases Digital downloads (PDF format) at the comics.comixology.com

In order to widen my range of questions for the interview, I started a new Worgen to see how the in-game lore ties with the comic book. So far, so good. I see the quests tie directly with some of what has been revealed in the comic book. Here is my worgen Blizzplanett and a buddy helping me out: Randomassnam.