Today I got a fake Cataclysm beta email.  Fansites know about beta, sometimes, a few days before it is public so that we prepare our contests to giveaway beta keys.  Thus, if Cataclysm beta starts you will know it because Blizzard posts it in the front page, you see it everywhere online in fansites and gaming sites and in the official forums.  Never, ever, click any links on an email even if the link text says or—because the target of the link will be a remote URL to an unknown server that might infest your computer with a virus, trojan, worm, keyloger, or any other malware.

The least that may happen is that the fake site resembles your wow account page, and obviously you would type your username and password if that was the case, which is the intention.  Beware fake invitations to Cataclysm Beta.

World of Warcraft: The Cataclysm Beta

You have been selected to participate in the alpha test of World of Warcraft