After completing all of the Hozen in the Mists scrolls an achievement is earned. Lorewalker Cho will send a letter to the mailbox. The item starts a quest. Upon turning in the quest, from this moment forward the player has access through Lorewalker Cho to replay the story.

Lorewalker Cho will reenact the story through a hologram:

Embracing the Passions

The scroll can be found in the Valley of the Four Winds at the Pang’s Stead. It’s on the left side of the building. Coordinates: [83.11 – 21.23]

While some of the more tame forest hozen have chosen to integrate with pandaren culture, they remain at their core a simple race driven by their passions. They love hunting and fishing, and often will assault anyone and everything in their hunting grounds. An unfortunate situation, since the hozen hunting grounds seldom have consistent bordering or signage. Thankfully, most hozen are often kept in check by pandaren monks.


Hozen Maturity

The scroll is found in Krasarang Wilds at the southmost island of the Nayeli Lagoon. As you fly toward the isle, lean to the leftmost corner. The scroll is inside a small cave. Coordinates: [52.19 – 86.05]

The hozen are a short lived race. Their elders typically are no more than twenty years old. As a result, their relative maturity when compared to the other speaking races is quite minimal.

In contrast to the very reserved and polite jinyu, the hozen are a passionate people that love to love, love to hate, and love to feel any emotion they can feel, as long as they feel it strongly.


Hozen Speech

The scroll can be found in the Jade Forest at The Fertile Cope — located next to the Serenity Falls lake between Honeydew Village and Grookin Hill. The scroll sits against a hozen statue. [26.45 – 28.33]

The language of the hozen is steeped in mystery. While the majority of the hozen are able to speak in a common language, they often include an assortment of other sounds and “words” that have yet to be translated by other races.

Most jinyu scholars believe these additional words to be uncharitable or offensive in nature, but the matter is far from closed.

To quote teh great sage Ook-Ook, “you can take the derk out of the jib, but you shouldn’t put the jib in the derk.”

Wise words indeed. We think.


The Hozen Ravage

The scroll can be found in Kun-Lai Summit right behind The Dooker Dome (northeast of Kota Basecamp)– the scroll sits next to a Hozen statue. Coordinates: [45.75 – 62.08]

The hozen of the Kun-Lai mountains are unusually aggressive, even by hozen standards. Food and supplies are often scarce in this hostile terrain. When times are hard, the hozen leadership may declare a “ravage” on nearby settlements.

During a ravage, every hozen strong enough to walk joins in on a massive swarm attack on nearby villages. In this way, they either acquire enough food to last the winter, or they lose enough of their weakest to ensure their current supplies are enough.

For years, the Shado-Pan and grummles have maintained an uneasy peace with the hozen in exchange for food tributes. Fear of Shado-Pan keeps the local tribes in check … Usually.