The scroll can be found in the Valley of the Four Winds at New Cifera. The New Cifera village is found at the building icon seen south of Pools of Purity in the map. The scroll sits next to the big fish statue. Coordinates: [61.23 – 34.56]

In the days before the Sundering, legend has it that all rivers flowed to Pandaria. Few were more aware of this than the clever Jinyu. Over time the wisest of their people learned to commune with the waters of the river, and listen for the future and news it would bring. These elders were respected by most races and earned their title of “Waterspeakers”.



The scroll can be found in Krasaran Wilds at the Fallsong Village — the building icon between Sentinel Basecamp and the Krasari Fall waterfall. The scroll is inside the tallest building. Coordinates: [30.59 – 38.44]

This early jinyu shrine may provide some insight to the origins of the race. Depicted is a collection of squat, primitive aquatic creatures. They surround a series of pools on a field of gold – perhaps a rendering of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

One of the primitive creatures holds a staff aloft beside the waters, but the symbols that surround his head are of an unknown language that likely predates the first mogu dynasty.

The exact connection between these early aquatic creatures and the Vale remains unclear.



The scroll is found in the Jade Forest at the Moonwater Retreat. The scroll sits against a broken fish statue near the center of the village. Coordinates: [66.06 – 87.48]

Unlike the fire and heat forges of the pandaren and mogu, the jinyu have mastered the art of water forging. They shape stone and metal by using the pressures and currents of water.

Originally they would scavange for polished stone and materials in the river. They developed an eye for the places that would provide the best quality baubles and rocks.

Over the ages they have learned to manipulate water through their magics to craft exceptional edifices of rock and stone that defy rivalry. Their weapons and armor are as hard as any forged steel, and their walls often appear to be constructed without seams.


Role Call

The scroll can be found in Kun-Lai Summit at the Inkgil Mere. It’s inside the tallest jinyu house. Coordinates: [74.43 – 83.44]

The jinyu operate in a strict caste society, clearly evidenced by this stone tablet engraved with names. Eggs are sorted early on based on the needs of the community.

Many jinyu are cast as workers, diligently put to work building dams or other structures. Others are selected to be craftmen, and immediately undergo a rigid apprenticeship on hatching.

Only warriors and priests are given access to the most food and finest shelters, and only teh most successful of priests can ascend to the role of elder or waterspeaker. It is a taboo for the jinyu castes to intermingle.