Our live chat with Richard A. Knaak was a blast to fans who attended. You may read the transcript here.  I wanted to give everyone in Blizzplanet a heads up on the next live chat that is more focused on StarCraft.  I don’t have yet a date, but since you guys visit often in a daily basis, I know you will appreciate a heads up in advance to stay alert.

We will have the pleasure to have a live chat with Hope Donovan—current editor of the Tokyopop manga StarCraft Frontline Vol. 3 and 4.  I don’t have the details yet, but it seems this upcoming live chat will have the additional presence of some of the following authors: Josh Elder, Kieron Gillen, Grace Randolph, Simon Furman. If you already have the StarCraft Frontline manga series, be ready to shoot all your ammo of questions about the current and upcoming stories within the manga.  Those fans who haven’t read the manga, but are curious to learn more on how these stories fit with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’s single-player, hop in for the ride to find out more.

Stay tuned for a date / time, and maybe they might surprise us with some giveaways for those attending the live chat.

Other things we are going to show you soon:

  • StarCraft # 1 interview with Simon Furman (Wildstorm / DC Comics)
  • StarCraft Ghost: Academy preview scans
  • StarCraft Ghost: Academy interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido

Who wants to say: “Yay!” ? No, seriously, would you love to attend the live chat, and like the direction we are taking with lore and merchandise coverage?  Look forward to the comic book and manga monthly preview scans and updates? Share your feedback over at our sister site forum (StarCraftWire.net)