GDC 2008 - Starcraft II Judgehype Interview with Blizzard

Our collegues and close pals from france, Judgehype, informed me early in the morning that they have an interview with Blizzard about Starcraft 2 made during the Games Developer Conference. It may have some interesting bits of info. Take a look at the English or French versions.

These are some of the questions:

1. Will the editor allow us to have the water surface react to explosions and units passing by ?

2. Will we have the possibility of having units evolve under water in the editor ?

3. Will the Ultralisk upgrades change his visual appearance ?

4. The plasma turret of the Battlecruisers seem to have disappeared (Q&A 40) will we find something similar on another unit ?

5. The Firebat has disappeared, what other close combat units do we have ?

6. Do the burrowed Zerg see the units on the surface as they are or will they only see the movements like the Terran radar does ?

7. In the original StarCraft two Psi-Storms at the same location will not double the damage, will this stay the same in StarCraft II ?

On other community news, SCLegacy reports some Starcraft II gameplay videos taken at PAX 2008. You can watch the videos here.

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