Wrath of the Lich King Beta Update - Patch 9038

If you are playing beta, make sure to launch your game earlier so that you can download the new patch. More details once the patch is available. It is merely 12.6 MB size updating beta to build 9038. Beta download is available. Servers are down as of 10:21pm EST/-5GMT.

We will be taking down the Beta realms at 3:00PM Pacific time today October 3rd 2008 to update to the latest build.

We expect this process to take from five to seven hours.

Thank you for your patience! Blizzard QA

In the meantime, here is a bone to chew on with gusto: Blizzard continues plans for dual-spec talent trees, and it seems it is not too far.

Tigole: Most likely in a patch but it’s not too far off.

We want every spec to be viable, as you say. But the truth is, in end game raiding or end game PvP (Arena in particular), there is a big difference between “viable” and “the best”. Players will always perceive certain specs to be better than others in end game activities and it would be misleading to imply that all specs are going to be universally ideal for all situations. But viable is a different story.—Source

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