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Professional gaming superstar Fnatic (server id: 133714) has recently started up their own Raidcall server and will be online to chat with their fans. If you want the opportunity to talk with your favorite professional gamers. Download Raidcall you’ll have the opportunity to chat with Fnatic’s Heroes of Newerth team.

FnaticMSI’s Heroes of Newerth team was formed in 2010 and has gone on to win every major HoN tournament with an astounding 85% victory rate – unrivaled by any other team in the world. The team trounced their opponents at the recent Steelseries HoN World Cup, winning the final and earning a respectable $10,000 in prize money. On top of that, they are also defending champions at Dreamhack, the world’s largest LAN party.

Right now the team is competing in several online leagues and has done so with an amazing success rate. On March 9th Wednesday, from 19.00 to 21.00 CET team members Kalle “Trixi” Saarinen, Henrik “FreshFriFly” Hansen, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, Jascha “NoVa” Markuse, Tal “Bot” Aizik and team manager Danijel “StreeT” Remus will be online to chat with fans on Raidcall’s Fnatic server (server id: 133714). The team will be talking in English. If you’re a fan of Fnatic or interested in professional gaming in general, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

SK Gaming will have the same interaction recently in their own Raidcall server, please stay tune on Raidcall official Facebook( and Twitter(