Echoes of the Future

Jim Raynor: I remember the fall of Aiur. Don’t much like the idea of havin’ to see it all again. Guess there’s nothin’ for it.


Zeratul: At the very apex of its victory against us, the zerg Overmind grew … overconfident. Now, all that was left of the mighty Overmind was a twisted, withered husk.

I needed to understand whatever memories lingered within the creature’s rotting mass. Only by making contact with the gargantuan tendrils connected directly to its cortex could I learn its secrets.

Yet its countless minions, which seemed to be feeding from its dead husk, would prove somewhat … problematic.


Mission Objectives

  • Reach the Nexus
  • Bring Zeratul to the Overmind Tendrils (0/4) – Research
  • Zeratul Must Survive

Mission Intro

Zeratul: I must find a way to establish a foothold and summon reinforcements to keep the zerg at bay!


Zeratul: Ah, this faithful Observer has kept watch since the evacuation. Its abilities will certainly prove useful now.

Zeratul: Some of these structures remain functional … we shall make use of them.

Zeratul: This ancient beacon still thrums with power. I wonder …


Zeratul: Ah! I’ve heard tales of the mighty colossi sealed away beneath Aiur! The beacon must have awoken these fearsome guardians!

Zeratul: The zerg perceive a threat to their dead master!

Zeratul: The zerg will keep coming until we are dead. I must find the Overmind’s cortex and discover what I can from it.

Zeratul: If we use our Observers wisely, we can scout the area before putting ourselves at risk.

Zeratul: We must be prepared to defend our base. The zerg are on the move.

[Overmind Tendrils 1/4]

Zeratul: The first Overmind tendril! I sense … pain. Surprise. Death.

[Overmind Tendrils 2/4]

Zeratul: The second Overmind tendril. I sense … death … and joy?

[Checkpoint Reached.]

Zeratul: The third Overmind tendril. I sense … satisfaction … in a plan set in motion long ago … and … fear for the future?

[Overmind Tendrils 3/4]

Zeratul: The zerg seek to overwhelm us! To arms, my brethren!

Zeratul: These warp gates appear to be functional. Perhaps there’s a chance …

Zeratul: The fourth Overmind tendril. I sense … an end. I must go to the Overmind Cortex to understand.

Tassadar: Greetings, brother. I speak to you … from the Beyond.


Zeratul: Tassadar! But … you died … slaying this cursed Overmind!

Tassadar: I have never tasted death, Zeratul – nor shall I. But that is a tale for another time. I have come to tell you of this creature’s … courage.

Zeratul: Courage? It was an abomination!


Tassadar: Not always. The zerg were … altered. A single over-riding purpose was forced upon them: the destruction of our people.

The Overmind was formed with thought and reason … but not free will. It screamed and raged within the prison of its own mind.

Zeratul: Who did this? Why?

Tassadar: I know not. But the Overmind found a way to resist its all-consuming directive. It created a chance … a hope of salvation. The Queen of Blades.

Zeratul: Madness!


Tassadar: Only she can free the zerg from slavery – and in so doing, save all that is … from the flame.

Zeratul: I do not understand, brother.

Tassadar: Forget what you know, Zeratul. The Overmind saw a vision … the end of all things. And now you must see it too.


Zeratul: No! This vision! I cannot bear it, stop!


[Overmind Tendrils 4/4]